THE "Baraa VS SuperPipebomb Group" Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Baraa, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Now for you who don't know, I have bad blood with SP Group.

    It was a decision that I made, and instead of Gohan respecting it, he started calling me a betrayer, so I'm making this thread TO END THIS MADNESS ONCE AND FOR ALL .

    Gohan, it's NO HOLDS BARRED, ME against your WHOLE GROUP.

    Yes, I will be alone against all the members of SP, and I will put an end to you and your broken CAPS LOCK.

  2. Made an error.
    Gohan doesn't say, "betrayer" but rather, "TADER!"

  4. Gts.... U are just bored ... Go masturbate a little bit think about this and then come back ..
  5. Yea I'm bored, I'm bored of your leader's broken CAPS LOCK, I'm bored of you calling me a traitor and I'm so damn bored of the whole SP shit. lol
  6. Only Super Pipebomb would get that butthurt about someone leaving. There's been so so so many people who've left groups for other groups or started their own groups and literally no one gives a fuck. This is kinda' dumb honestly, but if Gohan's willing to "fight" as well, I'd pay to see that. Lmfao.
  7. @"Lady Deathbane" were you a part of SP before?
  8. Nope. NWO.
  9. LOL So true.

    I never actually had a problem with Gohan, I left and he started PMing me like 2 billion times, and then he got desperate and called me a traitor :

    And now, his group members are trolling me. lol
  10. SP is active...? :dafuq:
  11. Just say you like TNA and he'll stop bothering you.
  12. :no:! as for why u a trader b/c u left when i was not even online and u could pm about it I want keep u b/c see the petenes in u but u just dublue cross me for know reason!
  13. Gohan, can I join Pipebomb?
  14. Hmmm so baraa actually I'm part of me vs all sp bomb group then u want me to talk ? Do ya ?


  15. If you leavre the Wolf Group!
  16. Gohan, what if I stay and send secret messages from Steen Wolf to Super Pipebomb? :vince:

    Then we can be like, "The Results of RAW is that Mankind won the WWF Championship!"

  17. THREE MAN BAND is gonna sit here and watch :otunga:
  18. Hey baraa do ya want me to talk? Come on answer me on close this stupid thread ! I actually need to go to bed Lol


    :yes: u better do
  19. :no: ! Leavre the wolf group.
  20. /me then we're gonna jump Pipebomb
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