The Basic Booking Idea

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. Well WWE is getting hard to watch, rating are in the toilet and they are cost cutting due to relative lack of profit. Revenue is good though but the television rights are up soon.

    Most of this is down to shitty booking IMHO and the wrong people with titles. Jinder is a joke and he is not been that good botching his own finisher at Summer Slam while Brock is part time.

    So what would I do? Basically give the audience what they want (within limits).

    hey need a pool of peope the audience cares about in the title picture (heels and faces) along with storylines. Some do not need it and are over regardless (various legends, Brock). Hell they bassically over promoted both Corbin (and then buried him) and

    So on SMackdown and RAW who should be in the title scene/picture.


    AJ Styles
    Kevin Owens
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Bobby Roode

    2 heaes, 2 faces and they all get pops. RAW has a deeper roster but all the participants of the fatal 4 way (minus Brock) are candidates.

    Samoa Joe

    and add in the Shield members.
    Seth Rollins

    All 9 of these are believable as champions. I would also turn Roman heel. I think they missed the boat however and they should have done it after he defeated the under taker so I suppose he is tweener.

    Braun would be a tweener but probably baby by default.

    So booking wise Shield reunion with eventual betrayal and/or group heel turn. The belts initially go to the older members of the roster- AJ and Samaoa Joe along with Bobby. Their time is limited and you can use them to get over the younger members who should be franchise players. Romans not but he would be a great HHH sub in the modern era as top heel IMHO.

    These top players are also protected a bit, no more 50/50 booking they get to feud with each other and the upper mid card losing on occasion but going 60-40 or something like that except perhaps Braun and Shinsuke who are protected a bit more as not losing oiften is their thing/gimmick kind of like Asuka.

    Have some more free agents as well in addition to Cena, having 4 or 5 of them as top guys would help.

    Free agents

    Older wrestlers basically on part time schedules for the most part. Orton is a bit boring his feud with Jinder was trash but he is believable in the main event and doesn't need the title anymore.

    NXT call ups can also be free agents. Asuka could be used on both RAW and SD. Having more free agents is also to help with repetitive booking. Calling up some NXT or Mae Young women would help. More women and tag teams as free agents are needed IMHO.

    For the upper mid card use the titles on the popular wrestlers and some of them like The Miz can also enter the main picture on occasion. I would have popular guys like Miz, Tye Dillenger, Sami Zayn floating around the intercontinental and USA title scene not KO and AJ.

    Smackdown is doing a better job with the women but I think Becky lynch needs to be in the picture a bit more. Get Elseworth back in the ring even if it is to get the pus beaten out of him or get beaten up by women.

    For the Royal rumble perhaps do a women's one as well using oth rosters, NX and/or the Mae Young women to get 30 of them.
  2. Uhhhhhh or you could just bring back HLA :bischoff:
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