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The only thing I know about the movie is that Robert Pattinson is playing Bruce.

I was reading up on some rumors though. Here are some of them:

  • The movie will take place in the late 80's, early 90's
  • The story will be heavily based on detective work and mystery solving
  • Rihanna is rumored to play as Poison Ivy
  • There may be a connection to the Joker (2019) character
  • Plans to have Ben Affleck make an appearance is being rumored (tying in with some time-travel theory)
  • The film is said to feature multiple villains, including Catwoman

And that is all I heard thus far. Does anyone know other details or rumors? I am actually intrigued by the rumor of it being more about a mystery-solving film vs the standard Batman beats up bad guys with technology movie. I guess it will have a very "L.A. Noire" vibe to it from what I was reading. These are all just rumors to my understanding though. We'll see what comes of it.

The Reagmaster

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Ooooh superhero movie rumours, I'm great at those.

Jeffery Wright who's known as Felix Leiter from the Craig James Bond films is probably playing Detective Gordon and Jonah Hill in a secret role which has been rumoured to be either The Penguin, Riddler or Calendar Man. Also considering Jeffery Wright looks a lot different to JK Simmons, its probably a elseworld story which has no connection to the other movies.
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