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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. On RAW, Bryan was taken by the Wyatt family and CM Punk was speared by Reigns.

    How will it play out? Bryan could be kept off TV for a while. Punk might go after the Shield. Maybe the Rhodes brothers and The Usos help them.
  2. Who knows. The last time the Wyatts 'kidnapped' somebody, it went nowhere as Kane showed up and attacked the Family with a pair of choke slams and the announcers didn't even acknowledge that he was ever abducted in the first place. I wouldn't be too surprised if Bryan makes a surprise save on Punk two or three weeks from now without giving us an explanation for how he even got free from the Wyatts to begin with.

    I like the idea of Punk having to go it alone against possibly TWO groups for the time being, though. From the looks of it, this could be the beginning of The Shield and the Wyatt Family forming a sort of unholy alliance with each other, which will hopefully culminate in both groups turning on one another and going at it at Wrestlemania (I think it would be an awesome attraction for the event to have both of your dominant stables of three men each duke it out, and I don't even think The Shield would have to play a face/tweener role... just keep it as a heel vs heel faction war. Then do The Shield break up post-Mania.)
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  3. According to a radio show I heard in the morning Goldust and Cody said Punk and Bryan are teaming against the Wyatt's on Smackdown.
  4. I'm scared for the Wyatts. Daniel knows how to do the crossface, remember how great Benoit was with crossfaces and families :mog:
  5. They hang Bryan up on a cross and Abby speaks over the loud speaker. It turns out that PAIGE is abigail.

    WWE never acknowledges the different accents
  6. I'd be down with Paige being Sister Abigail,it would make for a cool swerve. The only problem with that though is that Bray Wyatt claims that Sister Abigail is dead.
  7. Please no, I don't want to see Paige play a dead, elderly southern nun.
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  8. To be fair, no matter which diva it is, remember Undertaker was the "deadman". So the fact that Bray says she's dead wouldn't stop WWE(if they are planning it that is) to bring a Diva to be Abigail.
  9. So is the undertaker I think lol
  10. What Lockard said. Based on recent history, Daniel Bryan will come back in a suit and turn heel. Don't care.

    Pretty clear that the Wyatts are being "controlled" by Stephanie and this is the Authority's way of keeping Punk and Bryan down. That's fine in a sense, but A: this company having that kind of long-term planning is absurd + even if they did Vince will rewrite it, and B: It would be great if they swerve us and had the Shield answer to Stephanie, but not the Wyatts. They can talk about how they were compelled by a dream, a reflection in the river, a talking doorknob or some other random shit to go attack these men. Still, Punk vs the UFA (thanks!) oughta keep being the best thing on this show.
  11. you are no fun then
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