"The Beast" vs "The Animal" For The WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. Anyone else thinking that Lesnar/Batista will be the title match (and main event) at Wrestlemania XXX?

    The way Lesnar is running through the biggest men in the company like Mark Henry and Big Show (the latter who was already rumored to face Brock at the Rumble, and from what we saw on Raw, it looks like that match is happening after all) is obviously pointing to another big guy being the one to step up and prove to be the one big monster that Lesnar can't tear through.

    The booking would basically be as follows: Lesnar wins two brawls and breaks the arm of "The World's Strongest Man" and then runs through "The World's Largest Athlete" at the Rumble and then wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a match that's termed the most brutal match in WWE history, which is the Elimination Chamber in February (that's the perfect way to transition the title from Orton to Lesnar since a straight up heel-versus-heel match isn't likely at all.) And that's where Batista steps in. He's the Rumble winner and from Lesnar and Heyman's point of view, he's just another big guy that Lesnar will run through, no different than Henry and Show and others. Easy to picture Heyman comparing their nicknames and pointing out that Lesnar is more than a mere animal and is a beast that not even Batista can handle, but come their clash at Mania, "The Animal" is the one who finally ends up taming "The Beast", winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

    Of course, all this talk about Lesnar going for the belt could just be to throw us off and make things more unpredictable heading into Mania season and they may simply be trying to make Lesnar as strong as possible for Taker (plus, I don't yet buy that Orton will be dropping the belt before Mania after the way he's been booked these past several months), but if not, Lesnar/Batista sounds awesome. I know some will complain about a part-timer versus a guy who's gonna be gone again by the end of the summer headlining the biggest Mania ever, but putting that aside, who else would be stoked if they down this route? (If Reigns was further into his push and on the crisp of winning the world title, then he'd be the perfect choice for this but oh well. I have an idea on how to book Reigns/Lesnar with this same logic but without the title involved but I won't type it out since this post is already long enough.)
  2. I absolutely hope not. That's all I'm going to say. The main championship being contested by two part-timers that benefits NO ONE? No thank you. One vs a regular is fine (Lesnar/Bryan is what I want).
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  3. Horrible match, would hate to see it.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. The one big positive I will say, is no matter how it goes down, WM is already looking pretty damn decent. You could end up seeing Reigns go babyface vs Lesnar, non title match obviously but that would be a huge win for him and could be a great match. IDK i havent seen too much Batista but the last time i did he was a solid 185?lbs, but that was over a year ago now.
  6. Batista's been getting pretty ripped for his recent movie roles. I know the pics you're talkin' about though. Dude trimmed down a lot.
  7. Word, he would still be a decent size, i just cant see anyone not named Punk or Bryan winning the RR. I personally could care less about the title picture ATM, I want to see who Y2J puts over this year, where Bryan and Bray go, and obviously most of all, Undertaker. Lesnar vs anyone will look great after his match with Show.
  8. Horrible idea.

  9. I mean realistically can you see Batista starting at #1 in his first match back and going 70+ minutes to win the thing? That's some insane cardio even for a top wrestler who's active every week. He's not winning the Rumble. It's absolutely Punk or Bryan's year.
  10. I wouldn't appose to the match but I wouldn't want it to be a title match.
  11. Lesnar vs Bryan at Mania? Well, I guess we all need something to believe in. :dawg:

    I'm still hoping for Taker/Lesnar at Mania myself since Batista/Lesnar doesn't need the title and can always happen later even but I can't deny that I would still mark to see a powerhouse contest between Lesnar and Batista over the gold.
  12. Not a big fan of the guy but I gotta say along with Punk & Bryan watch out for Del Rio.
  13. What if Cena loses at the rumble and wants to go after something no one has done before.... Ending the streak. Think about it he pulls almost an hbk type obsession. It would be a great way to heel turn him
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  14. As much as I hate Orton and would love to see him lose to Cena, this is most likely what is going to happen!
  15. ADR has zero chance of winning the Rumble.

    I figure that'll be the backdrop of the angle for Cena/Taker when it does happen (Cena wanting to accomplish his biggest accolade yet by setting his sights on the streak) but I doubt it'll happen this year.
  16. With it being in NO, home of a ton of paranormal activity who's to say it won't happen? Story wise he would be at his "strongest"
  17. Idk about 0, the company loves him.. one can only assume that's why they let him hold the belt for soo long recently. He may not win but he will be one of the last few standing.
  18. lol I doubt that would factor into it. Besides, Taker is barely even a supernatural-like entity anymore these days. He's basically playing a humanized version of his gimmick, much as he did in the late 90's before he turned into the American Bad Ass.

    I suspect that they wait until Wrestlemania 32 to book this one. They're already penciled in to hold WM32 at Cowboy's Stadium and having a match like this one go down there (combined with whatever other big match(es) they book to headline alongside it) is their best chance to break the WM3 attendance record and also possibly hit over 100,000 people.
  19. It may not be 2004 anymore but you don't need to be mean to Crayo because of it :emoji_wink:

    I mean yeah sure Batista vs Lesnar would be a cool match, but to have not just one of them but both of them...in the Main event WM XXX, when WWE is already suffering from a lack of full time wrestlers having star power, it would make much more sense to have newer go against Batista or Lesnar.

    Also unsure as to why I regularly see you hating on Bryan, it's not even like the usual hate I see where people seem to have legitimate reasons for disliking him, you just seem to go off on a "hipster" mindset that you have to dislike because the internet loves him. But it's cool, people are allowed to have their own opinions after all.

    But yeah, Bryan v Lesnar would be a good match; ultimate power vs technical match up, Daniel Bryan getting powerbombed by Lesnar would look deadly.

    I would love Big E vs Batista honestly, loving Big E right but he needs a star like Batista to get him some more recognition, would probably be a class matchup as well, as long as Batista hasn't got to much ring rust.
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  20. That would be quite the match although its probably going to be a Big E. vs Ryback
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