The Beautiful Bros? TNA's New (Double) Power Couple?

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Everyone knows that the BroMans have been on the lookout for love for the past few weeks. The former tag team champs put a dating video online, began scouting lovely ladies on social media and even challenged each other across dating platforms like Tinder. Last week, however, something big happened when both Bro Men matched profiles with TNA Knockouts. Robbie and Jessie were tight lipped about who the Knockouts were, but planned a double date.

    This week on IMPACT, we finally found out who the beautiful women were… stressing the word “BEAUTIFUL”. It was none other than Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, The Beautiful People. TNA fans were shocked but, at the same time, it makes sense that the Bros and the Beauties would fall for one another. After all, birds of a tanned, well-kempt feather flock together!

    From what we’ve heard, the date went very well and the Beautiful Bros may very well make an in-ring debut this coming week on IMPACT!

    The question on everyone’s mind is: what will happen with DJ Z? Will the Beautiful People be onboard with having their own personal DJ? Or will DJ Z be on the hunt for a Knockout of his own to even the odds with his fellow Bro Men?

    Don’t miss IMPACT on Wednesday night to see more TNA’s hottest new power couples!


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  2. Huwhat? lol.. I'm more interested in what is going to happen to DJ Z like the article mentions.. tis a weird little set up they have going there with that story.
  3. What happened to The BroMans being that comedy tag team/trio who sometimes got important wins? :O This story scares me.
  4. from Impact

    Hopefully he gtfos from Bromans, turns babyface and kicks ass in the X Division again or something like that. Zema needs to gtfo from Beautiful Bros asap imo ofc
  5. DJ Z....


    (play all at the same time)
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