The Bella Twins Weren't Part Of Cena/Bryan

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  1. This isn't much of a thread, just wanted to throw it out there. It was rumored before it began being promoted that the Bella Twins would be apart of the feud between Cena and Bryan going forward, and even if they incorporated other stuff, they would probably still play a part in some way (maybe even being in their man's corner at Summerslam), especially with the Total Divas reality TV show premiering the same month that the feud began. But it didn't happen. It was never even once mentioned on-screen that Cena and Bryan date the Bella Twins. The closest they ever came was the night after Money In The Bank when Cena challenged Daniel Bryan. There was a moment during a match when Michael Cole said that the Bellas dated WWE superstars but he never said who it was and it never become a major or minor part of the Cena/Bryan feud in any way.

    Instead, the feud consisted of what it should have consisted of - Cena recognizing Bryan as the most deserving challenger for his title, Vince coming out and doubting that Bryan could pull it off and him wanting to change Bryan's look into a more Corporate makeover in the event that he did, HHH being a believer in Bryan and Randy Orton lurking around waiting for the right moment to cash in MITB, which he did, following Bryan pulling off the victory of a lifetime.

    Not only was the booking of the match great and the aftermath that ensued (we now have Bryan versus Orton/HHH to look forward to) but the build to it was as well. Everyone thought the Bellas being involved would bring it down but WWE didn't take that lazy route, thankfully.
  2. Yeah, props to WWE for that. They had something much bigger up their sleeve, gladly.
  3. Thank fuck for that.
  4. Actually, real life relationships shouldn't be involved in matches. To be honest, I prefer it this way.
  5. Kudos to WWE for doing something right.
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  6. Yeah I'm glad they didn't involve the Bella Twins in the storyline. They rightfully focused on the wrestlers and developing the story around them rather than anything romantic. There's plenty of time to discuss the romance side of things on Total Divas if they choose to do that lol.
  8. Thank god can't stand them. Plus if they ever associated them in wrestling terms well one half of both couples would have to turn.
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