The Benoit Debate

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jan 7, 2014.

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Is Benoit responsible

Poll closed Jan 14, 2014.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I Know this an overused debate and I'm not sure if this has been posted like this but here we go.
    This is going to be point system, G (guilty) or I (innocent)

    Benoit was confirmed to be sick in the mind but he wrestled unsafe but he also had a unsafe boss. Winner is (I)
    Benoit used roids. Winner is (G)
    Benoit killed his family, he was sick, he used roids, Roids + Brain Damage= Killer, most Likely brain damage would have not killed people, Winner (G)
    Benoit was depressed and he also had no idea what he was doing even if he didn't take foods his brain was ruined so his suicide maybe defendable. Winner (I)
    Killed his family, Winner (G)

    Final Score
    Guilty: 3 Innocent: 2
  2. Dont forget the flying headbutt, that always looked impressive. Just have WWE compromise and call him Krispen Wah, that way the casual fans dont stumble on his insanity.
  3. I will still enjoy his matches guilt free.
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  4. Yes, he is responsible as he chose to wrestle. He chose to keep wrestling after several head injuries and never getting it looked into enough. Vince is just as responsible for not making sure his wrestlers were properly examined. At the same time, he didn't choose to go crazy and do what he did and clearly felt horrible for it. Many ways to look at it, but at a glance, yes.
  5. You put he killed his family twice. That means he would be tied. Personally, I think he is guilty due to taking steroids. and pushing his body, because he could have told WWE no. His matches, I can still enjoy, but I'm not against WWE banishing him from history.
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  6. Benoit was one of my faves and I researched a whole hell of alot about his death and the incident after it happened, at the time of the incident Benoit he had been not taking any steroids, But ofcourse they were in his system, Benoit had also not had a drink that entire weekend per the reports of his body, although that strikes me as alittle odd because he's sister in law believes he had a drug/alcohol blackout which possibly caused him to do what he did, then again he was on depression med's and medication that calms the nerves which is wierd why you would kill somebody if you are drugged out of your mind on medication that calms your brain, I think the wikipedia incident with Nancy was no coincidence and that they should have investigated it, By the way Benoit had taken so much shitty things he had only 10 months to live so if he had not done what he did he would have prolly died in mid 2008 after Wrestlemania as his heart was 3 times the original size, now yes people believe Benoit killed his family for that is what is the main story although you leave out the possibility of foulplay which I will send the possibility of him and his family being murdered, I know how Benoit was crazy but he loved Daniel and I have no clue why he would have killed his son, neither does the sister in law.
    1. Toxicology reports suggested Chris as well as Nancy and Daniel had all been sedated. Why would the attacker sedate himself?
    2. The press statement released that Daniel had been killed by the crippler crossface but it was confirmed that he died of asphyxiation. If information this vital can be sexed up by the media, what else has been changed by a media frenzy?
    3. There empty cans of beer next to Benoit’s body. Toxicology reports stated he did not consume them. Who did?
    4. Several random texts were sent to several random people, AFTER Chris himself had been killed. Who sent these texts and why?
    5. Kevin Sullivan, Nancy Benoit’s ex husband (heavily rumored to be a satanic worshiper) swore he would kill Chris one day. Why has he not been interrogated?
    6. Is this why bibles were left next to the bodies of those who died?
    7. Chavo Guererro stated that whilst on the phone to Chris, Chris answered the door and heard a scuffle prior to the phone cutting out. Chris rang back 3 hours later stating everything was ok and that he ‘loved’ Chavo. What happened in this time? Is this why there is no sign of forced entry?What do you think on this
    After the possibility of Sulivan being involved they should have investigated that possibility because who knows maybe he did do it.
  7. I've posted my thoughts on the topic multiple times on this board. If you really want you can search my 30k posts for it.
  8. That is some deep stuff. If it is true, and the dude killed all of them, I wouldn't be surprised. Crazy world we live in.
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  9. He was sick in the head from physical brain damage and wasn't quite the same person as he used to be on the day that he committed those murders. Impossible to call him an "innocent" because of what he did but it's also hard to call him 'evil' too since he wasn't his normal self.
  10. There's many things surrounding this incident and many unanswered questions as well, Benoit was not evil people described him as a warm and gentle person that was nice to everybody, we would know %100 if Benoit is innocent if they investigate the possibility of foul play and actually did DNA test's on the wire used to strangle nancy and the DNA on the beer bottles next to Benoit's body and what not.
  11. They did investigate the possibility of foul play, and they came up with nothing. All signs point towards Benoit having a breakdown and committing murder/suicide on his family due to his own mental deterioration and nothing else.
  12. I never heard that but what I did hear is that they did no DNA test and that they had alot of messup's in the investigation but anything could have happened in this incident.
  13. I will say the conspiracy theory crazy stuff on this was interesting as hell. The only point i remember that actually was an Ahha moment was that...wasnt she reported dead the day of?

    There have been too many of these. He's guilty, and hopefully the terrible shit he went through has helped the concussion awareness. It still wont bring his wife and kid back.
  14. Chavo killed him.
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  15. Yes. If you even suggest that Kevin Sullivan did it, you are crazy. More crazy than people who believe in reptile people.
  16. One said he killed his family due to roids and brain damage and he could do without roids, the second was clearly stating he killed his family
  17. Daniel was killed by the crippler cross-face!?!
    and second Sullivan admitted he did and still does worship the devil
  18. Roid rage doesn't last 2 whole days guys.
  19. I think he snapped and he went psycho, rather than a long roid rage it was roids that triggered it and he snapped probably after he realised what he did
  20. Yeah I know or he blacked out same thing really, but Benoit was on depression med's and calming medicine such as Xanax so he was od'd and loopy and harmless which is weird.
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