The Best 11 in the world (Title winning lineups)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jun 19, 2012.

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  2. No.

    No German league player would get in world team of the year. Only a couple BPL players would too. La Liga dominates it. Gomez over Messi? :haha:
  3. My troll thread senses are tingling.
  4. Post your best 11 ppl!
  5. Casilas

    Dani Alvez - Sergio Ramos - Vidic - Cole/Macelo

    Xavi - Xabi Alonso - Iniesta

    Rooney - Messi - Ronaldo

    Not hard.
  6. Obviously the German national team, they are like the best evar like guiz I mean Gomez has what, 2 goal at teh eurossss?
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  7. Tell my where I went wrong. I'm more than happy to debate this. You can argue Dani Alves is not very good defensively (though I disagree) and Lahm should take his place. Perhaps, I'd still put Maicon, Walker and Richards all above Lahm but opinions are opinions and I can understand a Lahm nomination. You could say Kompany over Vidic but Vidic has been out all season, both on peak form I think Vidic is the GOAT center half. Sergio Ramos is the BITW right now at center half, like him or not.

    Cole is best LB in the world, no doubt about that. The midfield, are you really going to argue? Best midfield of all time.

    The front three pick themselves, in fact, the very 6 I've put there are in the official world team of the year. No German league players at all. #JustSaying

    Lmao +1
  8. Jose Semedo, just filling all the positions. He is magic you know, still can't find myself on this fucking video either. Was at the game and was somewhere near the guy filming.

  9. Lmao silly Sheffield fans -.-

    Is Stoke near you by any chance?
  10. Not too close, why?
  11. They have awesome fans and thought they were near your area.
  12. They weren't that great when we last played them, in the season they went up I think it was. Newcastle were incredible as were West Ham in the cup tbh, best none Derby games by a long way IMO, well beyond Wycombe with the pitch invasion.
  13. Probably got louder due to the prem. But only Newcastle imo have better fans than them if you jduge solely by how loud they are and how much of an impact on the game they have.

    West Ham are incredible fans too. I sometimes wish we didn't have so many asian fans chilling at games, they let United down. Real Madrid have whiney fans too tbh.
  14. I've noticed that with most big teams tbh, I guess it's all the glory fans lol. West Ham was one of the times I wished we drew with them tbh, just to see Upton Park. Plus they hate United as much as our lot lol. Stoke seems like it used to be at the Den were you're really compacted in. It makes an intimidating atmosphere as a fan, so the players must have been shitting themselves. Jesus that must have been a few years ago lol.
  15. Lmao. Yeah not many teams do like United. But I think West Ham just hates everyone. Agreed, I think the best atmosphere out of the big teams is Stanford Bridge personally. I've been there, we got drowned out chanting. Birmingham City was quite a good crowd IIRC.

    Hurry up and get promoted to Prem.
  16. Trying to get promoted lol, got a decent set of players coming in now with Kirkland, Gardner and Mattock. Never done Brum away for some reason lol, would love to go to the Bridge, also OT would be a sick day even though we'd get turned over lol. Least we've got Leeds away this year :lol:
  17. Lmao Leeds :lol:

    Do them over for me. OT is amazing, whether you're home or away the atmosphere is just incredible mainly because of the amount of people and the stadium. I'd love to go to White Hart Lane personally.

    Kirkland, isn't he the ginger guy?
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