The best big men in wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Let's discuss the big guys. Who are the best big men in wrestling right now? This can be WWE, TNA, Japan and the indpendents. As long as they are big guys who deliver.

    Mark Henry is the obvious example from the WWE. Amazingly over, great at what he does. Prime example of a big man.
    Tensai is also there for the WWE and Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper shows some promise for the future.

    Then we have guys on the indys like Willie Mack and Uhaa Nation. To best describe the two: Willie Mack is a smaller (but still 300lbs+) and fun loving Mark Henry that does flips. Uhaa Nation is built like bobby Lashley but flies like Evan bourne. They both bring something good to the table.

    Who are your favorite big guys?
  2. Steen is my favourite currently, he's managed to step away from the athletic big man stereotype into something so much more.

    Also Lucifier Darksyde is a very good fatass worker.
  3. Freight Train:troll:

  5. Bork
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  6. At times Big Show can be good, like his feud with Sheamus. He was one of the only people during Sheamus's stale reign that actually made Sheamus look weak, so it did make it more entertaining because it brought back that underdog face/dominate heel kind of feud.

    Mark Henry is without a doubt a very entertaining heel as well. That time where he kicked Evan Bourne in the head is still a marking moment for me :haha:
  7. In terms of height and overall stature, the Undertaker counts as a big man (if by big, you don't just mean "fat") and is always the best when he's on, even though he's mostly part-time. Ever since Shawn Michaels retired (and even a few years before he retired), he's become the new Mr. Wrestlemania, constantly putting on the best match of the card every year starting with WM23 all the way through WM29. And yes, I enjoyed Taker/Batista more than HBK/Cena.

    In terms of promos, Mark Henry would be, I guess. His trash talk is some of the best in modern day WWE.
  8. Henry is a great one for sure. Vader was also one of the best big men.
  9. kane? Not the same monster he used to be but is still decent in the ring
  10. Kane and Undertaker, obvivously. Henry is great as well. Tensai, Vader and Brock, if you could count him as a big man.
  11. Right now?
  12. Oh.. umm.. :urm:

    Actually, he probably still is :hmm:
  13. One not mentioned is Tensai as a heel. His character fucksucks but he's a really good worker when he gets the chance.
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  14. Lesnar FTW!
  15. What is the definition of big? If Lesnar counts, then Lesnar has to be up there, but I'm not sure he does. Henry is fantastic at doping what he does, so he's up there, regardless of his limited in ring skills. To be honest, as much as I hate him, Big Show can still be quite athletic in the ring and do some cool stuff for a 7+ footer. Kane & Undertaker have been great for years, and Undertaker has dished out multiple MOTYC's each year now.

    Samoa Joe needs a mention too.
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  16. I classed Lashley as a big man since I threw a stone Uhaa Nation's way so yeah, Bork counts in my book.
  17. Joe isn't in this category imo, he's not big enough.
  18. But Steen does? lol, what?
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  19. If Michael Elgin is considered a super heavyweight (he is, I'm super cereal) then so are Joe and Steen.
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