The Best In The World?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by arianna, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. I have a best in the world and that's Zack Ryder. Who's yours???
  2. Of course me.
  3. The best in the world is Drew McIntyre.
  4. Daniel Bryan is easily the best in ring wrestler in the world and he has been for the last six years (I think he won the award for that 6 years in a row at least) and with the way he has worked on his mic work and charisma since 2011 he is on a absolute roll.

    Austin Aries is the best in the world due to the full package. Great ring skills, great charisma, constantly high quality microphone work and always entertaining. Aries and Bryan share the best in the world throne. In my opinion Cena is nowhere near those two.
  5. Of course you would choose yourself. :bury:
  6. :dawg: john cena? best in the world?

    The best in the world is the original best in the world, the man who punk stole the phrase from and i'm not talking about Jericho. I'm talking about Daniel Bryan :yes:
  7. Daniel Bryan :gusta:
  8. I like Daniel Bryan but I hate when Kane and Daniel argue.
  9. Zack Ryder?

    :lol1: OH GOD that's TOO MUCH!!! You should watch Daniel Bryan more, hell even DZ is better.
  10. ...I'm the tag team champions! :yes:
  12. No, I'm the tag team champions! :aries:
  13. Dolph Ziggler. He may not be as great of a technical wrestler as D-Bry, but he's still the best pure entertainer in the WWE.
  14. My Best In The Would is I'm sorry To say That is The Big Red Master Kane
  15. CMPunk is nothing and he has no respect.


    By the way, Booker T is a great man. He made The Brogue Kick legal again and invented a new great team - Cena+Sheamus! RESPECT!
  16. Kane is my best in the world :win:
  17. @[restiveblackhorse] I assume you have not been a fan of wrestling for a long time or you are very young considering the wrestlers you seem to have as your favorites. Fair warning is that Sheamus and Cena aren't that well liked within the internet wrestling community (Sheamus is practically hated) so prepare to have to debate them.

    And Sheamus isn't worthy of lasing Booker T's boots. Booker as a wrestler was miles ahead of what that lazy Irishman will ever accomplish.
  18. Kayfabe.
  19. The best all-around pro wrestler in the world today is Austin Aries.

    The best in the WWE today is CM Punk, with a solid second-place (maybe even a 1a) is Daniel Bryan. Bryan's pretty close to edging out Punk. The only difference between them is that Punk is trusted just a tad bit more by the :bury:, thus he gets the pub and the rub.

    The best of all-time is Ric Flair.

    The best of all-time who wasn't in the WWE at all is Sting.

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  20. Sheamus, & D-Bry.
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