The Best... IN THE WORLD!

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  1. List the best of each....

    Video Game:
    Video Game System:
    TV Series:
    Cell Phone:


    Food: Italian
    Drink: Water
    Pet: Dog (even though I love cats, dogs offer protection)
    Holiday: Christmas (I love giving people gifts)
    Season: Fall/Autumn
    Video Game: COD/Sims
    Video Game System: Xbox360
    TV Series: Desperate Housewives/The Walking Dead
    Superhero/Hero: Batman
    Villain: the Joker
    Book: Holy Bible
    Sport: Basketball
    Wrestler: Curt Angle
    Cartoon: Family Guy
    Cell Phone: Samsung Galaxy
    Music: Alternative/90's
  2. Food: Sushi
    Drink: Dr. Pepper
    Pet: dog
    Holiday: Christmas
    Season: Spring
    Video Game: Metal Gear Solid
    Video Game System: Playstation
    TV Series: Always Sunny
    Superhero: Batman
    Villain: The Joker
    Book: Can't read
    Sport: Professional wrestling if that counts
    Wrestler: Kurt Angle
    Cartoon: Hey Arnold and Jonny Bravo
    Cell Phone: idk shit about phones
    Music:[/font] Heavy metal
  3. Food: Noodles
    Drink: Water
    Pet: Dog
    Holiday: Going to murrica or to the land of the brits
    Season: They all suck
    Vidya Gaem: Right now: XCOM All time: Probably Gaylo or something
    Vidya Gaem System: They all suck
    TV Series: Seinfeld
    Superhero: leojay
    Villain: Leo C
    Book: Ender's Game
    Sport: If wrestling doesn't count then Australian Football (the good one) or MMA/Boxing
    Wrestler: Right now: Christopher Daniels All time: Undertaker
    Cartoon: Dragonball
    Cell Phone: I don't pay attention to what's good and shit, I mostly use a Laptop/PC with skype for calls
    Music: Favorite Genre: Probably Blues Rock and Jazz, Favorite band: Aerosmith (even though their new stuff is shit), Favorite song: Dream On
  4. Food: Fish
    Drink: Milk
    Pet: Cat
    Holiday: Summer
    Season: Spring
    Video Game: Halo 3
    Video Game System: Xbox 360
    TV Series: [Br]eaking ad
    Superhero: Goku
    Villain: Broly
    Book: Breathing Under Water
    Sport: Basketball
    Wrestler: Shawn Michaels
    Cartoon: Disney's Recess
    Cell Phone: HTC
    Music: Rap/Rock/Pop/Anything
  5. Food: Pizza
    Drink: Pepsi throwback
    Pet: Dog
    Holiday: Christmas
    Season: Summer
    Video Game: Pokemon Fire Red
    Video Game System: Gameboy advance
    TV Series: Mad Men
    Superhero: Iron Man
    Villain: Lex Luthor
    Book: Plato's The Republic book 1.
    Sport: Football
    Wrestler: Steen
    Cartoon: Futurama
    Cell Phone: Galaxy S3
    Music: Beatles.
  6. Food: Melted cheese on chips.
    Drink: Vanilla Coke/Dr. Pepper
    Pet: Dog
    Holiday: Pancake Day
    Season: Winter
    Video Game: Final Fantasy X
    Video Game System: Xbox 360
    TV Series: Dexter
    Superhero: Batman
    Villain: The Joker
    Book: Lance Armstrong "It's not about the bike"
    Sport: Football
    Wrestler: Triple Haitch
    Cartoon: Pokemon
    Cell Phone: I don't currently own a mobile telephone communication device.
    Music: Tchaikovsky
  7. so.....nachos Lacky lol
  8. Cheesy fries?
  9. Food: Pasta bolognese.
    Drink: Pure Orange Juice or Vimto.
    Pet: Dog.
    Holiday: Spain.
    Season: Winter. I love Summer but I have hay-fever.
    Video Game: Fifa or Assassins Creed
    Video Game System: Xbox 360
    TV Series: Doctor Who.
    Superhero: Batman.
    Villain: Joker (Heath Ledger's)
    Book: Something science related.
    Sport: Football
    Wrestler: Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose
    Cartoon: South Park
    Cell Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3
    Music: Hip Hop.
  10. Yeps.
  11. Lacky, your favourite book is based on Lance Armstrong right? Has this drug testing stuff affected your opinion on him?
  12. Food: Pizza
    Drink: Fruit Punch
    Pet: Dog
    Holiday: Thanksgiving
    Season: Spring
    Video Game: Legend of Zelda
    Video Game System: Nintendo 64
    TV Series: Dragon Ball Z
    Superhero: John Stewart
    Villain: Ganondorf
    Book: Legend of Zelda mangas
    Sport: Basketball
    Wrestler: Ron Simmons
    Cartoon: Dragon Ball Z
    Cell Phone: iPhone
    Music:[/font] All music is equal. Favorite Artist: Buckethead

    Wait you made a thread like this before :angry:

  13. Food: BBQ chicken pizza
    Drink: Assam Tea
    Pet: Cat
    Holiday: None
    Season: British Springtime
    Video Game: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Video Game System: Super Nintendo
    TV Series: Red Dwarf/Only Fools And Horses
    Superhero: None
    Villain: Solidus Snake
    Book: New Scientist (magazine but whatever)
    Sport: Snooker
    Wrestler: Attitude Era Masked Kane
    Cartoon: American Dad
    Cell Phone: HTC One X
    Rap/Hip Hop
  14. I'm a massive fan of Lance Armstrong, I always have and I think I always will be. Did he cheat? Yeah it would seem that way now. But did he help earn millions and millions of dollars for Cancer? ...Yeah he did.

    I don't think it has really affected my opinion on him because he won the titles so long ago. He's still one of my favourite athletes and always will be. :obama:
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  15. I don't get all this hate Armstrong is getting tbh, cycling was and is a dirty sport when it comes to performance enhancers. He's not the first or last to do it rather due to his status is being scapegoated.

    Also Solidius how do you feel about the new series of Red Dwarf?
  16. Good answer Lacky. Was just curious as his whole legacy is pretty much being run to dry in the media at the moment.
  17. Really enjoying it. A huge step up from Back To Earth, but not quite as good as series 1-7.
  18. Chips be fries in UK :obama:
  19. Food: Italian
    Drink: Pepsi
    Pet: Miniature doxens
    Holiday: Halloween
    Season: Fall
    Video Game: Final Fantasy 7
    Video Game System: Sega Genesis, xbox 360
    TV Series: Wonder Years
    Superhero: TMNT when I was a kid now Batman
    Villain: lex luthor
    Book: Daniel X
    Sport: Baseball
    Wrestler: Daniel Bryan, Ultimate Warrior
    Cartoon: Simpsons
    Cell Phone: T-Mobile
    Music: Rock, alt, acoustic, shit everything but rap, country, and that dubstep skinny jeans stuff
  20. Ah! Dudes wearing women's jeans! Welcome to America... Where chicks act like dudes and dudes wear their clothes and cry like bit....WOMEN! Damn rap music!