The best matches in ROH history.

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  1. Samoa Joe vs CM Punk


    Austin Aries vs CM Punk - death before dishonor


    Danielson vs Mcguiness unified.


    Steen vs Generico Final battle 2010


    Danielson vs Kenta

    Just for @[RKO]
    AJ Styles vs Paul London Night of the Grudges.

    This is a skeleton list of what i'd show someone if they wanted to get into ROH hence why I class them as the greatest.
    That's all I can think of for now. Add in any match which you consider one of the greats from ROH history.
  2. Put some AJ Styles in there.. He's pure greatness. Almost like me..

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  3. Can't contribute any but it's great to see some of Punk's early matches. Definitely is a different wrestler today, with the watered down WWE style. Good to also see Joe against him, I liked that match, was very technical with lots of submissions. Joe looked like he was in his prime then, seems a shadow of his former self now unfortunately. Needs to lose weight and drop back to RoH I say.

    Those Bryan matches were absolutely insane though.
  4. Punk vs joe was a great series of matches. Its were people started to really take notice of him as the next big star imo. Joe was a lot leaner during this time and I feel it helped him he's still agile but not as he once was. Did you see punks match with aa the Promo he cut to start the summer of punk off was phenomenal.
  5. Watched the match yeah, not seen the promo though?
  6. Its just after punk pins him. I think its about 30 minutes into the video posted.
  7. Wow I didn't carry on playing it till then, just played it back. Epic promo, now I know what your sigs are about. Lol.
  8. Top 5 IMO:

    - Bryan Danielson vs Paul London (Epic Encounter)
    - Samoa Joe vs C.M. Punk (Joe vs Punk II)
    - KENTA vs Low Ki (Final Battle 2005)
    - Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi (Joe vs Kobashi)
    - Nigel McGuinness vs Bryan Danielson (6th Anniversary Show)
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  9. Never seen the Samoa Joe vs Kenta match, think I'll have to YouTube that. Out of all of those I think the Danielson v London was my all-time favourite with the Joe vs Punk matches.
  10. Nice list I must say. I personally find Joe vs Kobashi to be over rated. I don't know why but I never got into it. How about Aries vs Mcguiness from Supercard of Honor III? That match never seems to get a mention but I'd definitely put it up near the top of the most entertaining ROH matches I've seen.
  11. I loved Joe vs Kobashi, it had a perfect structure for a Dream Match, it was spectacular yet brilliant.

    Yeah, Aries vs Nigel from SOH was outstanding, but I prefer their Rising Above PPV (I think) match.
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  12. @[seabs] this for me Steen vs Generico since i found out an saw this match awhile back thro urself on this forum its never ceased to amaze me how good it is!
  13. The match was amazing. Have you seen the ladder match from Steen Wolf for the PWG world title?
  14. no its very recently ive started watching the indy scene! post a link bro? @[seabs]
  15. Steen vs. Generico Ladder Match is batshit insane! Forget all those ladder matches you've seen, this match was pure, pure hatred.
  16. cm punk jo!