The Best mic workers in WWE today

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Who do you guys think are the best mic workers in WWE today?

    My list:

    1- CM Punk
    2- Dean Ambrose
    3- Damien Sandow
    4- The Miz
    5- John Cena
    6- Daniel Bryan
    7- Cody Rhodes
  2. I think we had a thread like this not too long ago, but anyway

    Damien Sandow
    CM Punk
    Dean Ambrose
    The Miz
  3. WOW
    Completely forgot Dean is in the main roster now :nope:
  4. In no particular order.

    CM Punk
    Dean Ambrose
    Damian Sandow
    The Miz
    John Cena
    Daniel Bryan
  5. :idontcare:
  6. ... Going to try to pick someone who hasn't been listed.

    ... Christian.
  7. Rhodes is decent as well.
  8. Yea he is good, but not in top 5 lists, I just put him as number 7 in my list....
  9. I guess you've already pointed them all out.
  10. Punk
  11. LOL Yea
    but the point is to rank them if possible
  12. Agree :obama:
  13. My view on the best mic workers in the WWE today.

    1.Dolph Ziggler
    2.John Cena
    3.Cody Rhodes
    4.Vickie Guerrero
    6.CM Punk
    7.A.J Lee
    8 Eve Torres
    9.Randy Orton
    10.Rey Mysterio
    11.Rosa Mendes
  14. I should make a list then.

    1. Punk(No explanation needed)
    2. Sandow(Plays character perfectly)
    3. Ambrose(No explanation)
    4. Miz(Much improvement)
    5. Bryan(Only this low because eh... shows more varied of a personality in trips with CABANARAMA then in WWE.)
    6. Christian(Honestly, I just like the guy's promos)

    If this was 'people who I wish would go away because of their mic skills', I'd give the first spot to Khali, the second to Vickie.

    There's making me hate you because of what you say, and how you say it. There's another thing entirely by developing the most annoying persona that no matter what you say, it's automatically going to make you a heel.

    Annoying voice that grates the minds of everyone - Check
    Annoying catchphrase repeated every five seconds - Check
    Part of some kind of management spot, so appears every week - Check
    Lack of total originality in whatever she does - Check

    I just described Vickie Guerrero, who is getting X-Pac heat from me... right now.
  15. Punk
  16. BTW It's amazing seeing that DB made the list for so many people. That was his ONE knock against him coming into the wwe. Love how much he improved but he didn't make my top 3
  17. CM Punk, Cena, The Miz, Triple H, Dean Ambrose, Paul Heyman, Christian and Ziggler is improving week by week.
  18. Paul Heyman
    CM Punk
    Dean Ambrose
    John Cena
    Damien Sandow
    Daniel Bryan
    Cody Rhodes
    The Miz
  19. THIS, Does Vinny mac count? If so add him in there
  20. Can't really organize the last four though, I think they are all equal if anything.
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