The best of heel Hardy

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  1. We've all seen the bad moments of Jeff Hardy's heel run but what about the good?
    Admittedly his match quality did fall slightly due to well not being as flash as before but he did learn the ability to cut a good promo. Many fans of Jeff know this was his weak point in the past. So ladies and gentlemen I present to you the best of heel hardy.

    They're very ECW Raven-esque aren't they. I say that with the deepest of sincerity and respect as the psychological edge Raven had to his promos were the best ever.

    He could also portray arrogance :

    So what did people think of the promos Hardy cut whilst in his Anti-Christ gimmick?
  2. Thing I always liked about Hardy was his look. His look allowed him to be a great face and an even better heel in my opinion. His gimmick there as an "Anti-Christ" is good, it's original and he cut some good promos with decent terminology. Although most are backstage, but probably because he lacks the ability still (all be it he's improved) to cut a solid promo. I would of wanted to see Jeff Hardy become a badass smoking heel or something.

    Good post though because I've been wanting to know what sort of things Jeff has been doing in TNA.
  3. Strange you mention the smoking thing
  4. Wow, never seen that before. That to me is a perfect heel entrance and look.
  5. Rehash~~~~~~!

    1 year later:

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