The best promo EVER! By the KING!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 9, 2012.

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    This is the Jerry THE KING Lawler I want BACK! Go head King put those Homo in there place!​

  2. Vid won't work for me. Jerry needs to retire.
  3. HELL NO! King is a GREAT! We just need him to be the Heel again! And have Cole be the face again! :pity:
  4. No way. Cole is so much better than Jerry.
  5. COLE SUCK AS A HEEL! He was great as a face but as a heel HE SUCk! King was GREAT AS A HEEL but SUCK AS FACE! Anyone will take you that! Watch so of King old play by play talking back in the 90"s u will see what I am talking about! :pity:
  6. King had passion in those days. Turning him heel won't help unless he becomes interested in the product.
  7. he was great as a heel! He the King! King are sopost to be heel! He was great at it! If that turn him heel I think he could be as and great as he use to be! b/c he is a great bad guy as a wrestler and as a play by play guy!
  8. King said in an interview he's lost his passion and basically said he's there for the pay-check. He's crap either way, heel or face he'd suck now. He's had his time and it's over, he's now doing more harm than good. Cole is a fantastic heel. Even the IWC despise Cole :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Watch Cole on SmackDown with commentators who can actually commentate (Booker and Matthews), he's fantastic there.
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  9. So true. Cole is God!
  10. I love @[R'Albin] already.
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  11. N'aww.. the feeling is mutual @[Crayo]

    Us Coleminers gotta stick together!
  12. Cole to bury Teddy Long at Mania.
  13. The thing is with Jerry, is that... well, he's getting absolutely drowned out by Cole. That isn't a bad thing, but sometimes Cole switches to very irrelevant subjects, as Jerry just listens into the match and interrupts when something important occurs in the ring. Booker T is good, he's trying to be insightful but fails to do so because Cole critiques his every word, which is annoying. Cole can be funny at times, but sometimes he's just overly obnoxious and distracting. Cole should never be the number one guy, they need a guy like JBL, cause Cole's role mainly should be for move recognition and additional input.
  14. Cole just shouldn't be play-by-play, Matthews or Stanford should come in and take that role. Jerry needs to go.
  15. Cole's not respected enough to take the lead role. JR had credibility, people liked him, the Cole Miners are a minority in the IWC, although they're growing. The face generally should be the main speaker, the heel (Cole) should disagree with the face the majority of the time. Sometimes I feel Cole sides with a heel for the sake of siding with a heel.
  16. Not about being respected but I see your point - mega-heels should never be play-by-play. I'd bring in Stanford alongside Cole.
  17. Standford is very well spoken.
  18. And he's tweeted me twice. And he's hilarious (watch his commentary with Punk).
  19. U ARE SO DAM WRONG! Cole suck as a heel he was great as a face that is he suck a heel! King is great as a heel and can still be u don't look ur great like that! He could still be a great heel if WWE glad him that change!
  20. I am not DAM WRONG, it's my opinion (any many other peoples). Jerry has lost his passion and is a fat hypocritical douche down there, sorry, but I despise him.
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