The best thing about Matt Morgan since his return...

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  1. he's learnt to wrestle like a 7 foot giant, the major gripe I had with him before was he always sold everything like Rey Mysterio. Overselling is something I tend to love but it didn't fit Matt in anyway shape or form but now he's cracked the selling enigma and now he's ticked every box available to be a major player on the TNA roster for many a year.

    Compare these two matches to see what I'm talking about, I know he was a babyface in the match against Hardy but look how heavily he sells the right hands.

    compare it to his match against Park on Impact.

  2. I was expecting beard, but this is also true.
  3. He's selling better yes but I still think he could learn to hit power moves more viciously/fittingly for his size. His attacks can still come off as weak at times.
  4. That could be because Park is incredibly kayfabe weak at the moment since he is a lawyer by trade. Has there been any other recent TNA matches that indicate the same thing? I agree with you by the way. The overselling before for a 7 footer was just insane.
  5. Don't feel like watching 11 minutes of Hardy/Morgan. When does he start selling in the vid?
  6. I'm sorry to do this to you but I'm going to have to post a video involving Chavo and Hernandez. I'll put it in a spoiler to protect unsuspecting eyes of the horrors below.

    Show Spoiler

    Yeah he doesn't oversell it that either.
  7. It's Sunday night... No need to force me into watching a Chavo match dude.
  8. The first example is the DDT around 3:30 in, Hardy throws him into the ropes and hits him with a gut kick which he proceeds to bend over double from after a jolt.

    It sounds petty but he used to it all the time.
  9. I've noticed this since the first match he had (since returning of course). He's now a giant wrestler that wrestles like one. Obviously his work with Hogan has helped him a lot. He also brings intensity which he didn't quite have before. I love the new Matt Morgan.
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