"The Best Unsigned Talent" Jay Bradley Interview

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    Jay, before we begin, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to sit down with us for this interview. Many of our readers are fans of your work so this is quite a treat for them, as it is for me. Let's begin by getting to know you a little better and specifically your work in the indies. I know you've been a part of Billy Corgan's promotion, Resistance Pro, for quite some time - if I'm correct, since its debut in 2011. How did you get involved with Billy Corgan?

    I got involved with Resistance Pro in the Summer of 2011 when I was contacted by Jacques Baron, one of Billy's partners via email. I was very skeptical at first because my status in pro wrestling was uncertain and I had stepped away from the ring to focus and explore life away from the ring. I met with Billy, Jacques, and his brother Gabe at Chicago Comic Con and saw that they had a different mindset from what I had encountered on the indies as well as a business plan along with resources and connections most places wouldn't have because of Billy's involvement.

    You've also wrestled for Extreme Rising recently, more specifically on a couple of their iPPVs. Interestingly enough, you wrestled current TNA wrestler and Gutcheck winner Christian York at their "Remember November" event. What is your current status with Extreme Rising? Any future dates?
    I'm currently booked for Extreme Rising events leading up to Wrestlemania in New York and Philadelphia.

    Speaking of the WWE, I would be remiss if I didn't ask you about them. Has the WWE contacted you to return?

    I have been in contact, recently, with prominent members of all three major wrestling companies that are on TV in the United States, and a few in Japan.

    So it's safe to say that you've been contacted by TNA then?
    Yeah, it's safe to say that.

    Many fans, myself included, consider you to be an ideal fit for TNA, more so than the other two companies. What do you think of the current TNA product? Do you see yourself as a good fit?

    I'm a fan of the current TNA product. I feel the last year they’ve put forth a very strong product for the most part. I find that the storylines keep me guessing and interested, which is hard to do in today's industry. I also seem to get into the characters as well. They're doing some interesting things, new things while still delivering wrestling matches on a wrestling program. I'd love an opportunity with TNA; working with any of the major companies in the US or internationally would be a blessing. I've also crossed paths with a lot of the TNA roster in the past, earlier in my career, and I'd love the chance to get in the ring with them again with my improved skills on a larger stage.

    Some have speculated that you've already appeared on Impact as a member of the Aces and 8s. I specifically recall a moment in which a member of the biker gang entered the ring and hit AJ Styles with a lariat. I must admit, it looked like you. You can tell us, was that you?

    You may or may not have seen me on TV in the recent past...you also may see me in the near future.

    I see. You recently teased on your twitter account that TNA Gutcheck could be a possibility for you. I must confess, your clever play on words went right over my head until a colleague at TNAsylum pointed it out. In any case, would the Gutcheck challenge be something that you'd be willing to do?

    Sure, it would interest me. Any opportunity to display my abilities on such a large scale and platform would be great. It would be like being able to give millions of fans a sample of what I can do via national TV, international outlets, and YouTube. Being able to gain a regular spot on the roster would be an added bonus.

    Regarding TNA Gutcheck, I'm curious to hear your opinion on the concept. Is it something that's seen as a positive within the indie community or do wrestlers such as yourself, who've been successful in the industry for quite some time, find it unnecessary?

    As far as the Gutcheck segment itself, I think it's one of the new things TNA has done that puts a new spin on a wrestling TV show. It shows fans a new aspect of being a wrestler and it’s an avenue to debut new talent and give them opportunities. If guys are smart, they'll take any opportunity they can. This business doesn't owe anyone a thing.

    Should you sign with TNA, which wrestler would you like to work with?

    Honestly, any of them. I'd love to show what I can really do in a major company with such great talent and fanbase. There are guys like Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, and a few others, who I've crossed paths with earlier in my career, that I'd love to work with again now that we've grown and evolved. Then there are guys like Kurt Angle who I'd love to test myself against. I feel I have the talent to compete at that level.

    For our readers who aren't quite familiar with your work, which wrestler (former or current) would you say is comparable to you, specifically in the ring and on the mic?

    The comparisons I get the most are a young Barry Windham, Stan Hansen, and Mike Awesome.

    Tell us a little about your finisher. What is it and what is it called? Do you think it would make an impact on the national stage, similar to the way that the Last Call and the Brainbuster have?

    My finisher is called "the Boomstick". It's a lariat the style of Stan Hansen's and JBL's. I absolutely think it can make an impact on the national level. It's one of those moves that makes fans watching cringe and say "whoa". I invite anyone to watch one of my matches on YouTube and see me hit it.

    Let's get back to the possibility of you joining TNA. Jacques Baron, your current boss, mentioned a "bidding war" for your services on Twitter the other day. Share with us a little about what motivates you. Let's for a moment forget about the financial aspect of all this. What is it about TNA, in particular, that would ultimately get you to sign a contract with them?

    Right now, I want the right opportunity to show what I can do on a large scale platform; to a larger audience with other top tier talent. I want to be a player, a major one. I want to be able to meet my full potential, then surpass its limits. If I thought a contract with TNA could or would offer that, I'd sign.

    Conversely, what do you have to offer TNA that the company can't find in any other wrestler working the indies right now?

    I have everything to offer and I say that with complete humility. I'm 6'4", over 250 lbs. with a very marketable look and personality. I have the intangibles that you can't teach or coach people to have in a camp, plus the most important one: passion. Along with that, I've been involved with pro wrestling for over half of my life. I invite your readers to check out my Facebook page and take a look at my résumé. I've been coached, trained, and mentored by some of the best talents in the ring and on the mic. There aren’t many guys like that available in the industry right now.

    I realize that you can't say much about your contract negotiations but can you share with us this: do you expect to sign any potential new deal soon? By the end of January maybe?

    I have nothing to report. I’m still the best unsigned talent today.

    I agree with you. You've been in my TOP 5 of the best wrestlers in the indies for quite some time now. Anyway, I'd like to once again thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. I know our readers are truly appreciative. Before I let you go, is there something you'd like to say to the fans on TNAsylum?

    Yes. I think 2013 is going to be an interesting and exciting year. Keep an eye on me.

    Again, the source is Chris Regal (Shelbin) from the TNAsylum.com staff.
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