The best wrestlers of WWF

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  1. This is the official thread to discuss the best wrestlers of WWF. One of the wrestlers of the past is the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. His body shaking Stunner always got the crowd pumped up and excited. The beer guzzler has droven a Bud-Light van to the arena before. So he is one of WWF's best wrestlers.
  2. No.. he's not. :dawg:
  3. Dean Malenko based on pure technical ability was one of the greatest
  4. I know you said WWF, But I'm going to say...

    Triple H, Haitch is a 13 time world champion, he helped shape the attitude era, and also became one of the company's biggest stars during that period. The reason I picked Triple H is because on a political standpoint he had everything the WWE needed, He had the look of a champion due to his strong build. Now people can question if he was a good worker or not but he always put on decent matches. His matches with Michaels, Austin, Rock, Undertaker are some of my all time favourites.

    Triple H was good on the mic, and could play a arrogant heel brilliantly, and due to Triple H been a main-eventer for such a long period of time he was always a marketable superstar for the E'
  5. :hmm: I agree with this, and odd thing. The first time I showed my dad Bryan Danielson years ago, before his WWE time, he said Bryan was as good as Dean Malenko.
  6. Triple H's debut was in WWF, and he was known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He came out with a tuxedo in his debut so don't be sorry.
  7. I've been a Triple H fan for 14 years, so I know a lot about him. I just thought you were basing this on "WWF" Careers, while a few of my points were based when it was WWE.

    But great.
  8. Even in his WWF career Triple H was doing good, even as a heel. McMahon-Helmsley era anyone :pity:
  9. Meh, as long as the person was in WWF, I'm okay.
  10. Also ruining marriages is what Triple H does best. Them segments are the greatest.
  11. WWF Stars: Bret Hart - Great ring worker and great tag team wrestler

    Rock - So charismatic in the ring

    Kurt Angle - Great ring worker, worked his gimmicks well

    Shawn Michaels - Best ring worker in the 90's

    Chris Benoit - Very skilled technition. Bouts with Guerrero were amazing

    Eddie Guerrero - Very Skilled technition/high flyer. Bouts with Benoit were great

    Dean Malenko - Fantastic ring worker. Always did a great job

    Owen Hart - Fantastic technition.
  12. Benoit is the best IMO
  13. You forgot Benoit's bouts with Y2J :jeritroll:
  14. Bob Backlund. Great technical wrestler, always in great condition, great person as well. Awesome gimmick too.
  15. Knew your were going to say that :otunga:

    Y2J - Awesome In-ring skill, loved every match he was in. He used alot more moves then, than he does now. Very good technical wrestler. Yes, strangely, better than The Rock and Stone Cold(!)
  16. Macho Man: Great speaker, he is the charismatic superstar you can't hate.
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