The better wrestler, CM Punk or Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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  2. CM Punk.

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  1. These two have sparked comparisons due to their rebelling against authority ideologies. Rumors have spread of a potential match up between the two but who is the better professional wrestler?​

    The tale of the tape.​

    Stone Cold
    Age : 47 Years Old.
    Weight : 252lb
    Height : 6 ft 2 in
    Signature maneuver : Stone Cold Stunner

    CM Punk
    Age : 33 Years Old
    Weight : 218lb
    Height : 6 ft 2 in
    Signature Maneuver : Go 2 Sleep

    The best way to get an idea who is the best is to compare three differing aspects. Wrestling ability, promo ability and star power. I'll offer my assessment now.​

    In ring.​

    Punk wins this for me. I wasn't really that impressed with Austin post neck injury when he reverted to the more brawling style. He was better before the injury but Punk's grasp on wrestling psychology puts him head and shoulders above most other performers.​

    Punk 1 Austin 0​

    The ability to cut promos.​

    Austin wins this one narrowly. He's cut better promo's then Punk has ever done. Yes I'm including the shoot. Austin is more steady in his voice whilst Punk struggles to maintain a steady tone during some of his work. Punk's great Austin is above that.​

    Punk 1 Austin 1

    Star Power​

    The deciding factor is one which is often over looked during the evaluation of a wrestler. Star power. This isn't about drawing power but the ability to draw the audience into what they say. Having people upon the edge of their seat with every action. Austin wins this for me partly down to a revolutionary gimmick but mainly due to his portrayal.​

    Punk 1 Austin 2

    There we have it Austin wins this battle for me as the greater wrestler between the two. ​

    Feel free to evaluate my way, your own way or not at all.​
  2. Austin has always been better.
  3. No one will ever be better than Austin.
  4. Austin is the greatest of all time. Mic ability is a close one though, I'd put Punk above great. Punk in my opinion is one of the greatest mic workers of all time. I'd still put Austin above him in that department though. Good thread!
  5. Austin > Punk in ring.
    3-0, clean sweep.
  6. No way. I'm probably one of the biggest Austin fans here, and even I can admit that Punk is a better ring technician than Austin.
  7. Steve is my answer. He draws in the crowd significantly more than cm punk. I think he can even be compared in that criteria to Cena or Hogan. I think the only criteria that he may fall low in would be in the ring. Possibly only because of lack of moves

    I don't know why the two are being compared.

    I've been meaning to say this for a while. People on this forum think too highly of Cm Punk.
  8. Tis' not just this forum my friend, the whole IWC adores Punk. Mainly because he's trying to bring change to a product that most of the IWC thinks is declining.
  9. Austin was better an was the reason the attitude era was such a success

    However Punk is the best of the era we're in now and in time will cement his place as one of the all time greats! Plus he's only gonna get better!
  10. Stone Cold is the answer for me. He's better than CM PUNK that's just my opinion, though
  11. I knew Austin would win this and rightly so but I'm surprised he's getting definitive wins. I thought it would be closer tbh. Especially in ring.
  12. I think most people agree Punk is a better ring worker. It'd be easier to compare them both if they were in the same era. Stone Cold had louder crowds and a bigger audience to entertain. Some people say Punk wouldn't last in the AE, I think he would of relished it personally.
  13. Plus it's very difficult to look past the booking Austin was a superman from 1998 to about 2001/2002 were as Punk's has been very inconsistent.
  14. I couldn't agree more with the comparisons you made seabs.
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  15. Stone Cold, no doubt.
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  16. Punk has been a botch machine the last year or so. in ring is closer than most of you are leading on

    overall it's not close however. Austin >>> Punk
  17. Punk's always been abit sloppy in ring imo. A great psychologist but his execution has always been off. I agree about it being closer then what alot are saying here however.
  18. in terms of in ring ability technically punk is better but austin promos and ability to excite a crowd and evoke reaction makes austin better imo. im a rock mark and for me austin goes down as G.O.A.T
  19. Austin's in ring work may have declined but his neck was... complete crap

    Austin facials (cringe) were top notch. Re-watch SummerSlam '01 vs Angle

    Punk would be great in AE, but comparing him to Austin is like comparing Sting to Undertaker

    They are alike, but one is a legit bad a** and the other contrives himself to be

    I am not dissing Punk, he's great... he can't beat the original, that's all
  20. I have the balls to say what any other person who wants to say CM Punk but is just saying SCSA because everyone else is and afraid they are going to get made fun of. I choose CM Punk because I never watched much of Stone Cold and when I did, he didn't give the full spark that people watching him back then felt from him. As a person watching the company now, CM Punk gives me the spark.

    I still like SCSA I just think CM Punk ftw though thats the message I'm getting through if you cannot understand what I really mean.

    I still think SCSA promos are awesome.