The Biebz going to start boxing?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Justin Bieber is gonna EAT LIGHTNING AND CRAP THUNDER ... 'cause he's now training to box with the greatest fighter alive -- Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

    Bieber and Floyd threw on the gloves at the legendary Ten Goose boxing gym in Van Nuys, CA -- where some pretty big fighters have trained ... guys like Sugar Shane Mosely, Andre Berto and David Tua.

    Sporting a pair of L.A. Clippers shorts, Bieber worked on his jab ... and moving around ring -- making sure to document every single second on his Shots page.

    Bieber also hit the speed bag -- but curiously, there was no video of that ... just a pic.

    So, will Bieber ever get in the ring and actually fight someone???

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  2. Pfffft, near impossible chance of him doing a match, let alone someone with a respectable record. Kid just wants publicity, obviously.
  3. I hope he dares to step in the ring with a pro fighter, any pro fighter. It would make my day to see him knocked out cold in the middle of the ring.
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  4. That, and him bruised and a dismembered face
  5. I there truly is a God, he will let Bieber start boxing.
  6. Predictable responses from a bunch of pathetic dweebs who are jealous of the Biebs ITT

    I really doubt he plans on getting into boxing matches... many who train don't actively compete.
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  7. How can you like (or not dislike) that kid? He's shown enough times what an asshole he is.
  8. Oh well. maybe I'm an asshole who is drawn to other assholes. Id kick it with him
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  9. Bieber and Cena

    Two cheeks of the same smelly backside
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  10. They would probably find a bum willing to take a dive.
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  11. I seriously doubt he has any intention of competing but if he did it would be amateur bouts against other beginning amateurs. He isn't going to get fucked up by some badass like the jabronies want to dream about
  12. Why the Cena hate exactly? Cena seems alright in real life
  13. Si, imagine the PPV numbers though.
  14. he made me jaded lad

    some of my darkest days in 2007 were beacuse of what he did this great business
  15. But how can they be dark if you can't see him?
  16. What a faggot.
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  17. work on your material lad

    you are about as funny as 9pm last orders
  18. Shut up you fucking pussy. Biebs would beat the brakes off your stank ass
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