The Big Deal Paul Wight


...Just throwing it out there to see if anyone else likes the sound of it. However it's not possible but if it was I think it would be cool for Big Show to show up for the first time with like a suit, sunglasses. Like a big shot gimmick.

Maybe somebody is on screen cutting a promo and you just see his giant fist knock them clean out midpromo. Then the camera shows him standing there all big shot

"The biggest & most lucrative deal in AEW history, the most bucks Tony Kahn has ever shelled out. I'm a bigger deal than Sting. I'm a bigger deal than Cody Rhodes. I'm a bigger deal than Snoop Dogg but most importantly I am a WAY WAY bigger deal than that bitch Shaquille O'Neal"

But I figured WWE holds the copyright for "Big Deal' too ...for Titus O'Neal.

I also think his matches should go like this succession:

Big Show vs Shaq

Big Show vs Sting

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

(Face Turn)

Big Show vs Brodie Lee Jr
(Gets down on 1 knee like he did for Mayweather & gets knocked out cold)

Big Show vs Eddie Kingston

Big Show vs MJF

JeriShow vs Santana & Ortiz

Big Show vs Lance Archer

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