News The Big Guy is free

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. /Wrestlinginc

    The video:

    He's free.
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    Ryback rules
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  3. Ryback rocks. Way more hyped for his indy run than Cody's
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  4. Ryback >>>

    He is entertaining as heck and I never understood why people hate on him. I am sure he will go places on his own without the WWE.
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  5. Imagine if CM Punk comes back to wrestle for indy shows and has a match against Ryback
  6. Ryback has turned piss into wine each time. He clearly tries and strives to be the best. He's extremely entertaining and was mishandled from the start. Thank you Big Guy; Much respect.
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  7. Always been a fan of The Big Guy and I always will be. Thank you, Ryback! Looking forward to your indy run.
  8. nice, let's see how he does elsewhere
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  9. Not much of a Ryback fan but I'm always open to see what guys in his position could do in the indy scene.
  10. He could've been a main event mainstay if they didn't mess up his initial ME run with constant losses. They built him up in the old way of beating jobbers for a while and it worked. The guy was super over before his program with Punk. Too bad it didn't work out hopefully he gets an opportunity elsewhere. :happy:
  11. Hope he gets a good run in the indies. Surely this comes from the contract and payment issue he had with WWE?
  12. So...

  13. Poor Ryback was a victim of being pushed too hard too fast and he never really recovered. It's a shame, because he really improved in the ring and on the mic since his debut. He's also a genuinely nice guy, which can be hard to find in this industry.

    Oh, well, good luck, Big Guy. I hope you find plenty to eat somewhere. :happy:
  14. How much is Ryback asking for a booking?

  15. Ryback could've had a good place in WWe. They mishandled him.... He should've stuck with the heel gimmick. I loved his run then
  16. Ill go halfs with you.
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