The Big O tries out for TNA

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  1. Do not know anything about this dude, any thoughts?
  2. WTF is a Big O?

    Never heard of this dude.
  3. The Big O is one of Zack Ryder's real life best friends. He appeared a lot on ZTLIS. He's pretty big (read muscles) since he started as a bodybuilder but has moved on into wrestling. Internets say he is decent for a big guy. He's pretty darn funny and cuts some Steiner like material when he wants to (Steiner without the experience of dropping Steinerbombs.)

  4. Thanks Stop, he seems decent.
  5. I think it may be too soon.... They already have Jesse and Eric young and Robbie e for comic relief

    Love that guy
  7. Why though? TNA already aren't using some of the real talent they have, Robbie T and Gunner for example. Matt Morgan to an extent as well (he deserves more). I want to see these guys being used, not more new faces.
  8. Revenge for Flair and the law suit perhaps?
  9. Would imply O was under a WWE contract previously.
  10. Indirectly, being involved with Ryder.
  11. Imo having Big O as Ryder's bodyguard would be pretty good..
  12. You should watch Ryder's show, lol.

    Big O is awesome, fuck yeah.
  13. You mean Ricky Ortiz?
  14. They're hiring far too many stars while they aren't using their own stars as noted above. TNA focus on the talent you already have, develop them before reaching out and getting other stars.
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