The Big Slow Is FINALLY Going To Retire

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. two years or less

    WWE veteran Big Show was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s guest on Monday’s live Steve Austin Show podcast, which aired on the WWE Network immediately following RAW. The two covered a lot of ground in during the one-hour podcast, including just how much longer Big Show, who is 44, will be an active member of the WWE roster.

    Austin asked Big Show how he felt about the fans who chant “PLEASE RETIRE!” at him when he’s in the ring, which made “The World’s Largest Athlete” laugh. He then went on to tell Austin that he’s planning to retire from wrestling in two years.

    “I think (the ‘PLEASE RETIRE!’ chants) are… most of the people who do that are just trying to have fun and be a part of the show, and some of those who take it seriously really don’t understand what our product is about, because they don’t understand what I’m actually doing for our product, what I actually do for the younger talent. I get the tweets too, ‘oh, step aside, you’re killing all the younger talent.’ I’ve got two years left, then I’ll step aside.”

    What does @WWETheBigShow think of the #PleaseRetire chant from fans? #StoneColdPodcast WWE on Twitter

    — WWE (@WWE) February 16, 2016
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  2. " most of the people who do that are just trying to have fun and be a part of the show"

    Nah I think people seriously want you to retire.

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  3. Big show should just stay on house shows. It's a drag watching him on TV. His interview with Stone Cold was really good actually, I enjoyed it.
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  4. Honestly one of the most irrationally disrespected wrestler of any generation. The fact that at his size he can still do what he does today after over 20 years in the industry is a testament to greatness but you all hate like children.
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  5. Cool.
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  6. [​IMG]

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  7. This.This. THIS.

    Seriously, big show is a legend in more ways than one, and the lack of respect is simply absurd. I can only imagine how the internet would melt down if a hated crowd started chanting "please retire" at the Undertaker.
  8. I do and have for the last 5 years. lol Undertaker needs to retire.

    And the thing with Big Show is, yeah he gets in the ring and does the work but he is not even 50% as good as he used to be which wasn't that great to begin with. He is old and it shows in the ring not to mention him on the mic is horrible.
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  9. I'm not saying you should like him, or cheer for him or whatever, I'm saying that people being dicks about it are pretty disrespectful.
  10. A lot of people who do them chants do it to be funny, and he knows that. Very few of them legit hate him enough that they are being disrespectful. I get what you are saying about it and while I do want him to retire (his body deserves it) and I am bored with him (as many are) I am not saying it out of disrespect.
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  11. Taker should of retired when the streak ended.

    It's interesting because in that interview Big Show did with Stone Cold he said his biggest regret in wrestling has been not speaking up and going along with everything that had ruined his character. He said he is too much of a team player to say no. Big Show could of definitely had a much stronger legacy if his character was more protected like Undertaker. Same goes with Kane.
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  12. One would have assumed this but no... ugg
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  13. Big Show was booked to shit from the start in WWF. His WCW run in the beginning was perfect, how he should have been booked.
  14. Such click bait.

    I have no problem with Show, misused is a fucking understatement when it comes to him.
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  15. If they truly wanted him to retire, they wouldn't watch his segments or chant anything at him... or the fans are too stupid to realize they're helping his heel character by chanting that at him.
  16. Yo screw the big show
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Sad to see any wrestler go, Big Show included. Hope when he does go, he puts someone over one more time.
  19. Khali?
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