the biggest star to come out of wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. who do you think the biggest star ever to come out of wrertling?

    My top 5
    1 hulk hogan
    2 the rock
    3 stone cold steve austin
    4 undertaker
    5 brock lesnar

    Just miss out
    Triple h
    John cena

    Hulk just edges it for me because imo he is resposible for putting wrestling on the map

    Do you agree with me
  2. Hogan, Dwayne, Lesnar.
  3. Agreed. Hogan is the most recognizable, Rock the biggest Hollywood star, and Brock became the biggest draw in US MMA history
  4. These three.
  5. I agree, Hogan, Rock and Lesnar are the most famous ones.
  6. I think The Rock is most recognizable by far.
  7. He and Hulk are 1 and 1A. Neither is very far ahead of the other.
  8. As far as revenue made in wrestling Stone Cold is undoubtedly the biggest star. The business WWE made when Stone Cold was on top was more than it ever was and still is.

    As far as star period it's The Rock. He's the probably the most known because he's in hollywood. Certainly the most successful superstar outside of WWE.

    Last would be Hogan who is synonymous with wrestling. Extremely popular in his day, but that's about it.

    If I had to choose between the 3 it'd be The Rock because he was a huge name in wrestling and now he's becoming a huge star out of it.
  9. Considering the question is worded "to come out of wrestling" then my answer is inevitably The Rock.
  10. do you think any of the current wrestlers will be close to any of them i think db and dz are capable of making the top ten
  11. No.

    Wrestling isn't "cool" or mainstream like it was in the 80s & 90s
  12. Crayo's ignoring of Hulkster continues brother. :hogan:

    Always hatin'. :downer:
  13. Crayo refuses to acknowledge how bright Hulk's star burns/burned back in the day. It's fine, let him hate hate hate away.
  14. Knew you'd comment on that, that stick is really shoved far up the cake hole. Rock is undoubtedly the most successful star to come out of wrestling.
  15. Lol. Hulk is the greatest wrestling ''superstar'' ever. How can someone even deny that?
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  16. I don't really give a damn about your opinion bro, no stick up my ass. It's just one of your ongoing things that you are wrong about; like TNA's advertising for example.
  17. Whatever helps you sleep broski :pity1:.

    IMO Rock is, considering how he's becoming one of the leading actors in Hollywood... Hogan could never say that. Sure he was a star for a period because of wrestling, but the question is who's the biggest star to come out of wrestling, and surely Rock going from WWE's #1 to rebuilding franchises in the acting scene, making a ton of money, being a leading actor, getting roles in massive films, I would say it's him. Again, in my opinion. I can't help that you absolutely adore Hogan, that's fine, me disliking Hogan as a TNA character makes no difference to my answer to this very open question.
  18. You are just playing with the semantics of "coming out of wrestling"

    it doesn't mean who was the biggest star outside of wrestling. He just means the wrestler who had the most fame. Hulk and rock are 1 and 1a, arguments can be made for either.
  19. If you think Rock is a bigger star in 2012 than Hogan was in the late 80s/early 90s that's fine, but my thing is let's not sit here and pretend it isn't a close race between the two. It absolutely is. Hogan was HUGE. I've conceded that arguments can be made for either
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  20. Thread isn't about that though man. Also, the debate of who the greatest wrestling superstar ever is just that, a very debatable subject, so it's easily denied.

    Yeah I agree, it's incredibly close, but I genuinely think Rock has relatively recently taken that step to the top because of how successful he is in Hollywood. He was already quite a popular guy because of his Rock persona, that broke into the main stream. Not as much as Hogan but he was there, but his acting career is an undoubted success which tips it for me. It's close, but Rock conquering Hollywood as something other than a wrestler makes me think Rock is on top in relations to this question.

    "Who's the biggest star wrestling has produced?" would be Hogan's all day if it means who BECAUSE of wrestling became a star in mainstream media. No acting or anything else related.
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