The Blizzard is coming to AOW!

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by DemonHunter1257, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Questions are always asked but the questions asked were important to me! "Where is Al Blizzard?" "Al Blizzard is gone? Good Riddance" These were only some remarks made by IWT fans and even the owners of it. These really pissed me off, so I left IWT at that moments notice, then what do I get the next day, a call from some random number and I always answer them and say "Fuck off and go back to your Kim Jong Un infested country" but surprisingly it wasn't one of those things.

    It was a guy whom I'll keep his name concealed and he said that he has seen my IWT performances and wanted me to "try out" at his wrestling school so I agreed and proceeds to ask for the location and other stuff and he said that he has a new company up and running so I said ok and the next day I went to his school and recognised a couple of faces, one being the most notable was my brother-in-law Robert Steel and I asked him why he was here and he said that this "Commissioner" was scouting for amazing talent.

    I agreed and started to train then the "Commissioner" walked in and told everyone to go to his office and we all did and he told about his new promotion "AOW" and I asked what it stands for and he said "nothing" so we all nodded as he carried on going through his presentation.

    I have joined AOW full time and it is yet to air its first live show so before then I am going to take a bit of time off wrestling and spend time with my son and daughter and my wonderful wife and also my friends, I will party hard and drink harder but all in all I will lead a new life in wrestling in a new company with a new boss and new friends.

    @Ricky Daniels you need to see this!

    Yes if you were wondering Al Blizzards wife is Robert Steels sister

    In BTB section because 1. Ricky put his here and 2. AOW is a BTB
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