The Blossom Twins - TNA Update

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  1. From an interview with British Bootcamp contestants Hannah & Holly Blossom, confirming their current status with iMPACT WRESTLING. [Credit to TNA Fan Forum]

    How did doing British Boot Camp change your life?
    Both: It gave us the opportunity to finally make wrestling our job! After 8 years it was the platform we needed to really make our dreams come true!

    Are you under any deal with TNA?
    Both: We are currently on Developmental.

    Working for OVW now does that mean you have to move to the US?
    Both: Yes, we are now back in Kentucky, our home away from home

    The Blossoms Twins join Gutcheck winner Taeler Hendrix as TNA's first developmental Knockouts.

  2. They sound like they'd fit in well with Joey Ryan's side job might be just cos they're twins though.
  3. Good news, haven't seen much of them, but from what I have, they're better than the Bella's.
  4. Agreed. From the match I saw they looked talented enough. Just their "Blossom Twins" name and all grates on my nerves. Too sunshine-y for me.
  5. A couple of British babe valets for the Mag Daddy.
  6. They're decent, good to know they're there.
  7. Joey Ryan vs. Blossoms at BFG - book it TNA :ryan:
  8. Fixed :ksi:
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  9. Looks like we'll have another tag team soon, wish the best for her, but don't know if they'll finally stay together during all their career
  10. I like your ideas :rock:
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