The brogue kick ban

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. I haven't watched SmackDown properly yet as I had a headache last night, but is it true the brogue kick is banned? If so, can someone summarise the segment?

    I know they're building up his other move as another match-ending-move but I do have some optimism that at NoC we will see Sheamus' reign end. This is just another excuse to give him once he loses to "protect him".
  2. Brouge Kick Ban?

    Why did they have to ban it? It was one of the best finishers in my opinion, what do you guys think of it?
  3. Ok so what happened is Sheamus and Otunga was fighting. Then booker T come out and annouced that the brouge kick was banned.
  4. I'm loving this tweener style Booker T GM stuff.
  5. Yes, throughout the nigh Otunga was telling Booker to ban it. He finally threatened to sue. Booker put Otunga in a match with Great White. When Shemaus was about to go for the move, Booker came out and said it was banned. Sheamus then went for the Texas Cloverleaf for the win
  6. Sounds like another match from Sheamus I definitely won't watch.
  7. Any news on whether the ban is kayfabe or not? If it is, it's dumb, but understandable. But I can totally see it being legitimately banned like they did the Punt Kick.
  8. Kayfabe. Orton's one wasn't referenced on air iirc. The ones that are referenced on air tend to have segments a month later like "Oh, and btw, the brogue kick is now unbanned *GASP***!*!*!*!*!*!*".
  9. l0l. Otunga threatening on to sue? For Sheamus kicking Retardo on the head?
    What about... Del Rio assaulting Sheamus w/ a vehicle?
    Retardo trying to help Del Rio to cheat w/ the shoe, but well. Backfired?
    What comes around goes around RR.
    & Sheamus begging to get a match @ Summerslam, WHILE HE WAS STILL INJURED, BYY DEL RIO.
    Just for entertainment. Well--wasn't really injured, but wut evs.
    Anyways, yeah. Nice move Book. Fucking up his match @ NoC.
  10. Yeah hopefully it means Sheamus finally drops the title so we can bury him and get rid of him.

    The Brogue kick is a dangerous move to do as well since it can cause concussions which WWE takes pretty seriously. Especially in the hands of such a sloppy and lazy wrestler as Sheamus.

    ADR > Sheamus anyway but they absolutely fucked up any underdog story they were planning by immediately giving Shemoose a new finisher.
  11. This is a storyline routinely recycled on SD. The 'move ban' angle is how DZ won his one and only WHC, remember?
  12. I thought I forgot this, thanks a lot.
  13. Obviously kayfabe btw. Maybe an excuse for Sheamus to lose the title, but the Cloverleaf already leaves him with a back up finisher. It's recycled but if it takes the WHC away from Sheamus I'm OK with it.
  14. Ehh good the finisher was annoying anyways and to predictable. It is kinda ruined since now he has another finisher, but at least it's something added to the feud I guess.
  15. I'm sure Sheamus will lose the title, and still be hogging the ME scene for the next 3-5 months.
  16. Damn, and I just got done wiping that retarded shit from my memory. Thanks for reminding me.

    Guess this can be used as an excuse for Sheamus to lose (ugh, how bad does that sound) but that wouldn't make sense either since Sheamus has more finishers than the Undertaker.

    Can't wait to hear Cole talk about how Sheamus "overcame the odds" and beat ADR without his favorite move.
  17. Mauybe it's me being optimistic but I really see Sheamus losing at NoC. There is no other reason to book it like this, unless it's #wwelogic. ADR hasn't been booked like a pussy though at all which is fresh, but him jobbing to Sheamus without using the brogue kick is a kick in the nuts for ADR, and we know Vince likes to lick those so I just don't see it happening. I'm sure Sheamus is losing, ADR is winning dirty and Dolph will cash in (or forget the latter).
  18. Same with Rainman, don't know if it's kay or real.

    It may be real because of Sheamus being stiff as fuck. Just like Orton had with his Punt.
    His new ''Sharpshooter'' thingy, doens't fit him at all. He's a brawler right? Brawlers fight, they don't do submission moves..

    Hope to hear some reports soon.
  19. Texas Cloverleaf.

    And it's kayfabe, I'm quite sure.
  20. Looks like a Sharpshooter to me, without the leg between the legs..

    Still dull.
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