The broken streak was a last minute decision?

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  1. Just read this article. Just thought it would get some good comments on here.

    Apparently the decision to let Brock end the Taker's streak was made literally hours before the show by Vince AND the Undertaker and a main reason for the decision was to boost WWEN sales by doing something so shocking it would get people buzzing about WWE. Of course, this all from Jim Ross who admits to hearing things through the grapevine. Does this change anyone's views or opinions on how the '1 in 21-1' was done?

    If WWE did do it to sell more WWEN subscriptions then I think they might of royally screwed up on that one. :facepalm1:
  2. I remember hearing about this. Basically, the story goes that Vince saw Taker's condition leading up to Wrestlemania and had doubts that he'd be able to get another Wrestlemania match out of him and figured it might be time to end the Streak while there was still a chance. You can almost tell during the build that it wasn't planned all along, seeing as how Brock laid out Taker on the go-home Raw show, which usually (not always) spells doom for that person's chances (in this case, Brock's) of going over in the PPV match. Ironically, the decision to have Hogan end Andre The Giant's "undefeated streak" at Wrestlemania 3 was only made at the eleventh hour as well.

    At the end of the day, to me it doesn't matter why or at what point the decision was made to have Brock end the Streak. All that matters now is that it's done, and the important thing is that they book Brock Lesnar in the strongest possible way and have him eventually put over a new superstar in a huge way at some point in the future. And so far, they're on the right path.
  3. As strange as it sounds, I agree with Vince's logic on this.....sure, I would've preferred not to have Lesnar end The Streak.....but, in a weird way, it probably needed to happen.
  4. Doesn't change anything to me. Brock doesn't seem like a bad choice to me regardless to their reasons since he looks strong to the crowd and has a strong career overall, plus has history with the Undertaker prior to the match. Lesnar was a good choice, not the best or perfect for everyone, but since he can be booked to put a younger star over once his time is nearing his end, then it'll be even more worth it.
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  5. The interesting question to me is - would Vince have still felt this way about Undertaker if he faced someone other than Brock? Because everyone knows the original plan for WMXXX a year in advance was Rock vs Lesnar:

    So with Undertaker in need of a new opponent this year, would McMahon still have had the Streak end? Because in that case, someone else's career - Bray Wyatt's most likely - would have gotten a much bigger boost.
  6. You think the Undertaker will be back for the next Wrestlemania? I won't hold my breath, but they have yet to say anything about it. I guess Sting vs Taker would be better. Two old guys going at it. I would assume if Taker does come back next year for WM that he will win since he lost his streak last year. If he loses again it would just be horrible.
  7. I read something awhile ago that said Taker was training for one last match next year, but that things weren't looking too promising for him. We'll see.

    I think if he's able, he'll wrestle at one final time and go over. I know Taker is old-school and has that "go out on your back" mentality, but seeing as how he already lost his Streak in clean fashion, I could see him winning his final match. It'll make the one loss be suffered stand out that much more while also allowing him to retire with one last glorious moment and victory at Wrestlemania. Losing again would give off this annoying impression that just because he lost once, he must now somehow be easier to beat than before or something, even if it was another legend like Sting that he went up against next year.
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  8. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't think that there is any point in Taker wrestling another match now that Lesnar ended the streak. If Taker wrestles again, it takes away all the prestige that Lesnar gained from the events convincing everyone that he is no longer an immortal and that he wrestled his last match. People would still believe that he is immortal when he has been dominated and defeated. So basically, I'm against him wrestling again now that his streak was defeated at this past WrestleMania.
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  9. Meh, he could wrestle again and I wouldn't mind. If he wrestled AND lost again though....... :ohgod:
  10. JR & Shawn Michaels talks about it here, apparently the decision was made 4 hours prior to the show starting (2:28 mins in):

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  11. He looked out of it shortly into their match, a specimen like Brock losing to Taker in that condition would've been only somewhat believable, I'm glad things worked out the way they did.. I'm just curious to see how it will end.
  12. Although I agree that Taker did look lousy (because of landing on his head) shortly into the match, I don't feel saying it's "believable" to have Lesnar win because of this. This is wrestling....everyone knows it's scripted and it doesn't need to be "believable." It's about the character, the story, heart of the wrestlers, and technique. Even though Brock's presence is intimidating, that's not what wins him matches. Plus, Taker is 6'11 and looks in decent shape....him beating Lesnar in his condition at Mania 30 would still make sense. Especially since he's the Undertaker. He's a legend and is (was) undefeated.

    I'm glad The Streak ended, too, I just wish Brock wasn't the guy to do it.
  13. Came expecting Bo Dallas losing to R-Truth. Left disappointed.
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  14. I agree with this.....but, wouldn't it be interesting to see how this plays out next year...Taker comes back and admits defeat....says he's going to retire....and then Sting's music hits...he drops from the ceiling on the ropes with a bat.....and just a stare down....guarantee you'll get a "this is awesome" chant going.

    They fight and Taker redeems himself with a victory.
  15. :bodallas:
  16. What's done, is done. The streak ending being a last minute decision or not doesn't change anything for me. But, I always thought Taker should've retired after he beat HHH at WM28 and was 20-0...

    But when he said 'Every streak is meant to be broken', that's where I knew Brock was gonna end it and I was perfectly fine with it. Dude's done it all, he should hang it up. No need to come to WM next year.
  17. Didn't really work out now did it
  18. I find that the WWEN subscription boost makes sense, but I also think it was made to leave a huge lasting impression on WrestleMania 30. It accomplished one of it's goals as far as I know.

    That moment when it ended, the LD was funny as shut, lol.
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  19. I don't know. I understand why Vince made the decision he made and I know he did it with best interests at heart as any boss would do however I still feel that it was ended at the wrong time even though what is done is done and they could not have ended it any other way to be honest. I would have liked to see the streak live on a little longer to be honest and may be see another wrestler take it on and end it.
  20. I am STILL PISSED that the streak is broken :emoji_slight_frown: vince sucks
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