The Bromans Talk Success, Tag Team Stuff, TNA Sale Rumors

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  1. TNA World Tag Team Champions Robbie E and Jessie Godderz spoke with Busted Open Radio about a variety of topics. Below are the highlights:

    Where Jessie credits his improved skills in the ring:

    "The same place that made all the superstars of today, OVW. Danny Davis, Al Snow, Rip Rogers – those guys have been my trainers for the last couple of years. I also was at Bubba and Devon’s school down at Team 3D Academy. I can thank all of those guys as well as my Jim Carrey-esque facial expressions when things actually happen, and/or my tag team partner Robbie E."

    Robbie on how they deal with lack of TV time:

    "Well, here’s the deal. When me and Jessie won the tag titles, it's kinda like, you know, now we got our secure spots. It’s kinda like taking a vacation now. We want to take a few months off and let the other teams fight over who’s going to be the number one contender and then we’ll give them a shot. We just did some singles stuff for Xplosion, our big show that we tape for the UK. I wrestled Magnus, Jessie wrestled Shark Boy, and we get to showcase our singles skills, bro."

    If Jessie is committed to a long-term career in pro wrestling:
    "100%. This is exactly what I want to do. This is all I've been putting my eggs into; I haven’t been doing anything else. Granted, other opportunities and projects if any of them pop up and if I think I can strive with my Impact Wrestling schedule, then I make it work out. But if things don’t work out, then obviously wrestling takes a precedence over everything and this is all I want to focus on. This is why I’m killing myself every single day. This is why you've seen the difference between the beginning of my career up until right now so, I think the proof is in the pudding if that makes any sense."

    Robbie on winning the TNA World Tag Team Titles:
    "To be honest with you, right now all I’m thinking about is getting some pudding. He said the proof is in the pudding and I’m just really hungry right now. Protein-packed pudding is all I do, bro. Listen, every guy in Impact Wrestling is talented. We have the best professional wrestling roster in the world. When you look at myself and Jessie, you see two guys that are young, two guys that are hungry, two guys that are physically fit, two guys that can get it done in the ring, out of the ring and on the microphone. We look like stars. You know, Jessie is a soap opera star. We can do anything. We're the guys that they want on the face of everything. We're the current tag champs and the sky’s the limit, bro."

    Robbie on TNA returning to Orlando, Florida:
    "Anywhere we are, it’s Impact Wrestling. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the UK, if we’re traveling for TV every week or if we’re back in the Impact Zone – it’s still Impact Wrestling. It’s still a packed roster and an awesome show. Everything's going to be the same for the fans. For us, all it does is make the travel easier. It’s one location. We know where the gyms are, we know where the tanning salons are, we know where everything’s at in Orlando. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to it. It doesn’t have a huge effect on our lives. Everybody's making such a big deal out of this and I'm like, get over it. We were successful for years from Orlando and now we’re going back to where TNA made a name for itself."

    Jessie on the rumors of TNA being sold:

    "I don’t believe it, because our bosses would tell us and we’d be the first ones to know. I think that’s a bunch of malarkey. And again, you can go back to us being the champs so how can business be bad right now?"
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  2. He's right man, I gather all the bros to watch some Bropact Wrestling. How could TNA be for sale with our support?
  3. Damn,now I want pudding.:sad1:
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  4. Bromance vs. Barnes & Fernum for the tag titles!
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  5. Oh shit, now we don't want the Bro Mans to lose their titles THIS early :robbie:
  6. Really, I still can't get over them being the ones who got the belts, and i'm totally into it bros.
  7. The WhoMans? Seriously, The Hoff hasn't a clue as to who you are referring to.
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