Fast Lane The Brothers Collide

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  1. This Sunday at the Fast Lane PPV we will witness the brothers Goldust & Stardust match up against one another.. I didn't really want this match at some "throwaway" PPV but rather as like an opener to WM31. So to the important part of the thread.. how does everyone think this match will play out? Which '-dust' brother will come out victorious with the Cosmic One collides with the Bizarre One?


  2. I don't know, I feel like we'll get to see a lot of DQ's and crappy endings of that kind at this PPV. I could be wrong, though.

    My guess is that Goldust is winning this one (via DQ), b/c Stardust will snap at one point once Goldust's called him by his real name and will start beating up Goldy which would cause a DQ.
  3. Any finish that doesn't involve Stardust getting pinned is alright by me. But if Stardust doesn't pick up the pinfall here, he needs to at a later date by the time the rivalry is over and in that case, they should just roll with a count-out or DQ finish for Fast Lane. Goldust has no business beating Stardust at any point, especially since he's now officially prepping up for retirement anyway from what I hear.
  4. Yeah I don't feel like Stardust will take a loss here, maybe via DQ but that's about it.. should be interesting to see what they do with it, I personally think they're going to figure out a way to continue the feud and end it at WM31.. then Goldy retires and all is good.
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  5. Seems like Dusty may be involved in Goldust/Stardust match somehow.

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