Royal Rumble The build up to the rumble

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  1. Anyone else think it has been fantastic?

    The championship matches have been built up very well, and the non-title matches aren't just happening for no reason, they actually have a good story to it.

    Now, if only they could also focus more time on building non-PPV feuds, it'd just make everything a lot more interesting ^^

    Who agrees with me?
  2. "The championship matches have been built up very well"

    Not really, if anything, the WHC has lost it's prestige. It's been defended like every night on SmackDown and RAW. Bad decision by Kayfabe. Besides that though, the build up has been ok. Like @[Crayo] said, not many great superstars in the RR this year.
  3. The WWE Championship match has yeah, really looking forward to it. WHC is fastly becoming a title I couldn't give a rats ass about. It's defended all the time, Big Show's 5th consecutive PPV match for the WHC (I believe), how is that going to interest me or anyone in that matter?

    But yeah really looking forward to the Rumble, RAW tonight will be the final stage of it. Hoping for a head to head with Ziggler & Punk like a contract signing with Johnny Ace (then Foley) there too.
  4. To be honest, I think its been great, I liked the multiple title matches, but I agree it does ruin its prestige. Imo, its been a great build for the WHC with what little they have at the moment.
  5. don't get me wrong, I like seeing the WHC title defended, but it gets old and loses it's value pretty fast. They need to put the IC title or Tag Titles on the line too.
  6. This, the IC title should get defended once or twice a month in the SD main event. That's how you bring prestige back.
  7. Basically this the World title matches should be so rare on free TV you can't wait to see them. Plus WWE has PPV's on average every 3 weeks so it's not like there is a long wait to not have a title match.
  8. What ever happen to the cruiserweight title? Last time I remember seeing that, Mysterio was champ.
  9. It went. I so hope they bring it back in the future.
  10. This happened to the cruiser-weight title.
    It's a shame the division was awesome at one point.
  11. This.

    It can be so good too, WWE has some talented cruiser-weights tbh. Kingston (could use it to elevate himself), Bourne, Kidd, Cara, Hunico etc.
  12. @[Sage] oh man we need a cruiser weight title back and to give it some worth like it once had! would help so many underused guys get in ring time. plus u need the high fliers to liven up the crowd!
  13. Could not agree more. People talk about wrestling ability like Bryan and Punk, but every high-flying match (even if it's a spot-fest) is always entertaining because of the exceptional things they can do. Imagine a 4-way ladder match with Bourne, Kidd, Cara & Hunico. :loved:
  14. The high fliers are actually what really got me interested into the WWE. But before that, I watched WWF and Nitro.
  15. :thumbup:

    Bryan and Punk are amazing wrestlers but the wwe c3owds dont always seem to get that. whereas cruiserweights to jus change it up i feel would liven some of the weak crowds. plus gives those guys more exposure which is a good thing!
  16. WCW had some epic cruiserweights. When did you watch it?
  17. I like the Title matches, but I'm not high on Kane vs Cena. I still don't understand why Kane's going after Cena. Cena's becoming interesting to me, I'd still rather watch paint dry than watch anything to do with Eve and Kane's just Kane. They should've build up the Rumble match more, though.
  18. Kane going after Cena is all about Kane wanting Cena to embrace the hate. I know it goes against Kane's past, but I'm sort of glad they chose him (especially as he's masked). If anyone can make it believable to make Cena embrace it, then it's him.
  19. If Ziggler wins we RIOT!

    Kinda pissed of that they had to put Ziggler in a storyline with C.M Punk...he's not really at his level so this storyline is pretty much boring.

    I will def. be there to support my man punk.
  20. I dunno, Ziggler is in the top 3 best technical wrestlers in WWE, and is THE best seller (making others look good) in WWE. His mic skills used to be poor, but last weeks RAW and the week before (especially the week before) he was great on the mic. I think it's a good time for him to be in the ME and lose.