The "bullshit" chant heard around the world

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Loved this game from last season, the crowd was really into it, I could see why.
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  2. Apparently it literally was heard halfway across town lmao. What a great game.
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  3. Just remembered this was during the replacement ref times, a week before the BS Packers vs Seahawks game.
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  4. And what a game that was.
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  5. :lol1: Amazing how in hindsight that wound up meaning virtually nothing, thank goodness

    WWE oughta sign a replacement ref, never heard that much heat for someone since Austin/McMahon
  6. they had the miz lately. Thank god about the issue of mattering, remember how much heat there was over it?

    Speaking of which, MONTAE BALL FTW. amiright? he already won the job.
  7. Oh Broncos fan, cool. Yea, Montee signed his rookie contract today.
  8. Oh how could anyone forget that! So much fury. So much commotion. Even the British people were yelling at us to shut up.
    (Actually looking into it further, GB would have had the 1st round bye. But San Fran would have steamrolled Minnesota instead of GB and then you'd still wind up playing in the 2nd round so nothing would have changed, well it would be in Lambeau for what that's worth)

    Aww no, Knowshon Moreno's gonna get that job. Your boy can wait in line.
  9. My bad hahah. Just assumed as much since you mentioned Montee Ball, forgot he attended WI.
  10. week 4 it's ball's.
  11. Well, I'm in Buffalo so the Bills will always be my number 1. My favorite team if I wasn't in Buffalo would be the Broncos, big supporter of them. I also enjoy the Browns.
  12. That was a tough one for my Packs.
  13. Tough one for everyone. I remember yelling at my TV although I'm not a Packers fan. (Although I do despise the Seahawks most of the time.)
  14. lol sorry to hear. They are spending all their cash to make sure they suck every season.
  15. Welp, every year there are the negatives and then there are the positives with the Bills at least. They got a whole new organization it seems like this upcoming season and a veteran QB and a young, developing one. I think the Bills are going up from here, but I say that every year. :dawg:
  16. Yeah up in Buffalo you really need a 2nd team to follow. Thank goodness you finally did some housecleaning up there, maybe just maybe you'll actually see some winning football soon. Lord knows you patient fans deserve it up there.
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  17. Replacement ref angle was the best NFL angle of 2012 IMO
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  18. Hell yea. And I love the Broncos almost as much as I do the Bills, so that playoff game last season vs the Ravens for the AFC Championship still eats at me. I love the Ravens though, my best buds favorite team.
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