The Cena Divorce Is Going To Get Ugly

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2012.

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  2. Never knew this was happening tbh, it ranks pretty low on my care scale beyond the irony in the man named the modern day Hogan is being sued by the same legal team as Hulk.
  3. Wait, you never knew he was getting divorced?
  4. Probably not, might have read it somewhere but I can't recall caring about it.
  5. :upset: why people need be like this! where the love?!?!?
  6. Sounds like Cena's wife is the only person who likes him less than wrestling fans over the age of 12. I guess he still has the kids on his side.
  7. :mj::mj::mj::mj:

    And when I saw the title I thought she out him through a table or something. They really need to give him some time off to deal with this...
  8. I'm not really bothered but even his wife doesn't like him!
  9. John Cena has cheated on Liz there have been stories of him banging groupies and fat chicks
  10. Who wouldn't bang Mickie?
  11. Re: RE: The Cena Divorce Is Going To Get Ugly

    So you believe these stories but not about Kelly Kelly banging half the locker room?

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  12. Cena joked on a video on Youtube about banging fat chicks. I hope he also cheated with Mickie James and other women and I hope that the truth comes out and affects his public image as far as being the poster boy for PG and children goes. That's the best chance for Cena to turn heel. Just think of Hogan and the steroid trial in the 90s before he turned heel in WCW, since people love comparing Cena and Hogan so much.
  13. Cena's wife ass gif (exclusive):


  14. The only thing ugly about the divorce is Liz' face.
  15. :lol1:

    Well, I'll only be interested in this if Cena has to take time off to deal with it. Then I'll be happy.
  16. :bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury: GO INTO THE HOLE :shovel:
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