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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 30, 2015.

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  1. So after I pointed about Taimapedia was taken down (a website that made a wiki on drugs and IWC style view on wreslters, as well as LOLTNA,WWE and WCW history). Solidus showed me this place called /asp/ Wiki a page made under the wikia engine that only held the LOLTNA history up to 2014, it looked abandoned for while and since its wikia what did I do? I'm starting to make it a new IWC based wiki, I don't know who made this site at first or who owns it but since wikia is open source and you don't need and account I jumped in.

    I started by making a new page for a superstar, which was Brock Lesnar

    not perfect but I'll work more on it and a bunch of other shit, the main purpose of this IWC style wiki is to make shit sound funny and put emphasis on how we really feel on superstars by making the wiki page. (e.g. we make a Jeff Hardy page and most of it is about drugs he did) . I thought I would get the word out here and see if any of y'all wanted to work on it too, like we can totally renovate this site and make the IWC opinion wiki. It's easy and you don't need an account!
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  2. You spelled bitch wrong :heyman2:
  3. Summer Slam 2002, not 2003.

    Also instead of saying almost breaking his neck, say he suffered a severe concussion. Makes far more sense.
  4. Not only that, but it was the 2012 edition of Summerslam that Brock beat HHH at, not last year's lol. And Tazz used to say "Here comes the pain!", not "There goes the pain!" :smirk2:

    There was also quite a few grammatical errors in that page, but they were way too numerous to count.
  5. I put 2003? And this is the whole idea of wikia, you can jump in and edit it if you want, I'm usually unaccurate lol but the general idea is make it an amusement.
  6. Just to tear away at your self-esteem even more, Tazz didn't start calling Lesnar 'The Next Big Thing' it was Heyman. Like the second Lesnar debuted.
  7. Lmao like I said, go edit it if you want i mean I'm no genius and got real bad grammar but the point is to bring people like us in and build this thing into the funny site it's supposed to be.
  8. Nah no damage bruh, I never even said Taz was the one who dubbed him that, he only said Here Comes the Pain.
  9. NO!

    We are here to tear away at your self-esteem :bully:
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  10. Lmao this was the response I was expecting from you guys so I can't really feel bad if this is what I wanted.
  11. ^^^ we're using that for the main page, PERFECT
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  12. :bodallas:

    Glad I could be of help.
  13. Apologies for going a bit off topic: But, seeing the word IWC written a few times here, reminded me of WWE trolling us by referring to us as ISEC - Internet Sports Entertainment Community. That was like 6 months ago. :dawg:

    Oh, and that CENAWINSLOL gif I posted should definitely be on the main page, if possible.
  14. lemme just figure out the image URL code then i'll get it up, until then go create pages and edit away!
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