The CHAMPIONS vs ALL STARS match has been set

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  1. Saturday, October 24th, 2015 - Dayton, Ohio
    10/24/15 Glory By Honor XIV - Dayton, Ohio
    Jay Lethal
    Matt Taven
    Michael Bennett
    Roderick Strong
    AJ Styles
    The ROH tradition of CHAMPIONS VS. ALL STARS returns this year on October 24th! This year, we are coming to you from Dayton, OH for a huge night of your favorite ROH stars, capped off by the Champions vs. All Stars challenge match. In this match, all the current ROH champions unite to form one team. On the other side, the men considered to be the most on-fire athletes in Ring of Honor and some of the top title contenders.

    This year, the dynamic of the teams will be slightly different than it has been in the past. Last year, Jay Lethal was one of four men on the Champions team, representing the ROH World Television Championship. In the ensuing year, Lethal has captured the World Championship as well...while managing to hang on to the TV Title! That means that Champions vs. All Stars 2015 will now be a 3-on-3 elimination match. The other champions alongside Lethal, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven, only recently won gold at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA. This is one of the first outings for The Kingdom as champions, but they'll have Maria Kanellis in their corner.

    The All Stars team will be see Roderick Strong, the perennial ace of ROH. "Mr. ROH" has never been more physically fit and athletically impressive than he is right now, a major accolade considering he's always been considered among the best in the world. And he's had his sights locked on Jay Lethal for months. While Strong has not been successful in his quest for Lethal's gold, many claim that has a lot to do with the interfering presence of the House of Truth.

    The current Number One Contender to the ROH World Championship, AJ Styles, is the second man on the All Star team! And, like Strong, Styles no doubt sees a huge target on Lethal's back. At the same time, Styles and the Bullet Club have ongoing hostilities with The Kingdom and their NJPW alliance, CHAOS. This is sure to be a volatile mix of athletes on October 24th!

    The last man on the All Star team will be ACH! At last year's CHAMPIONS VS. ALL STARS event, ACH was the standout competitor, outlasting nearly every other man in the match and very nearly pulling off the victory. He is determined to go all the way for 2015! ACH is coming off a massive victory on the ROH Reloaded tour, where he won a Four Corner Survival against Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, and Moose. Can the momentum he's riding now carry him through to victory in Dayton?

    To get your tickets to GLORY BY HONOR weekend featuring CHAMPIONS VS. ALL STARS in Dayton on October 24, click HERE!

    Ring of Honor Presents:
    Saturday, October 24th, 2015
    Montgomery County Fairgrounds Coliseum
    1043 South Main Street - Dayton, Ohio 45409
    Doors Open 6:00pm / 7:30pm EST Bell Time

    Matches signed:
    ROH CHAMPIONS - World & World TV Champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini & ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis
    ROH ALL STARS - "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, ACH & "MR ROH" Roderick Strong

    Also signed to appear
    The Briscoes
    "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin
    Adam Cole
    Dalton Castle
    Silas Young w/ the Boys
    Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer

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