Kayfabe The Champ's Thoughts - Episode 1 - 2KCW!

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  1. {This video is brought to you by Precision World Heavyweight Champion, Andersen Vega, on his own personal Youtube channel}

    The video starts and shows Andersen Vega sitting on a couch in his own home, lounged out, looking dead at the camera.

    Andersen Vega:
    "Hey there, people! Of course you know exactly who I am since you clicked on the fucking video... Well, this video's not getting monetised after that, but I'm the Champion Of The World so why the fuck should I care, huh? Exactly, I shouldn't... So, this is my very first Youtube video and I will admit, I probably wont be doing this all that often so there's really no point in subscribing, but I wanted to do something to keep me busy for the next two months since I have legit no life outside wrestling and since Precision's taking a break, I got naff all to do. This little series will basically be me sharing my thoughts on various topics in the Wrestling World that either interests me, pisses me off and all them other sweet emotions, and this video will be about the new upstart Wrestling Promotion, 2KCW. I'm not to sure how I feel about this, actually, because I made my name and a living before getting to TWF by competing in promotions like this, where there're no characters or promos, just pure competitive wrestling... But, at the same time, it's boring to watch. Yes, you could see some great matches, but a lot of what makes Professional Wrestling so great is the character's involved in those matches. There's really no point in watching something if you're not emotionally invested into it, kinda like watching any Steven Seagal movie, you'll probably see some cool action but you really don't give a shit about any of the character's he plays because he's a shit actor. Same story here. Lots of action but no character building. It's pretty much Precision minus the fun part... Storytelling. The guy who runs it must be smart, because he chose to start this right after Precision and Exodus started their off season, so at least for the next two months they'll likely be the centre of attention, but when Precision and whatever the hell they've renamed Exodus as starts up at the new year, it'll likely fold. I really don't see any point in this idea honestly. I mean, the owner is promoting a promoless company and cuts a promo to promote it... All gone tits up already right? And add to the fact that no-one of any merit has signed up for this new revolution in wrestling, so straight away I couldn't give a shit... I'll probably watch the first show or two, just to see what the guys are like, but beyond that... Without the promos or the emotional storylines, I really don't see myself sticking with it. So yeah, I wish them all the luck that I can be arsed to muster up for them, which isn't much, but other than that, we'll see. Prove me wrong, guys."

    Andersen Vega: "So, anyway, that was Episode 1 of The Champ's Thoughts, I know it's not much, but it's something to do in my spare time, so if ya like it, like it... And if ya dislike it, then fuck off and don't click on my videos again you fucking maggots! I've been Andersen Vega, your Precision World Heavyweight Champion, and remember, don't subscribe... See ya!"

    The video ends... Yup, that's it.

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    I'm just gonna do this every once in a while to keep my writing from turning to that thing you shoot out of your ass and into a toilet, so yup...

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