Kayfabe The Champ's Thoughts - Episode 2 - Some Goth Chick.

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    {This video is brought to you by Precision's World Heavyweight Champion, Andersen Vega, from his personal Youtube Channel}

    Andersen Vega, "King Of The World", "God Amongst Men", and I don't need quotation marks for this one, because it's a full blown fact bitches... World Heavyweight Champion is walking down the halls of an arena with a cameraman, and since Precision is on their off season, where could he possibly be?

    Andersen Vega: "So... Ladies and Gentlemen! You'll never guess where I am right now. Go ahead, guys, guess!"

    As Vega walks through the halls, and as he walks, he darts straight past an IWT promo poster for that week, kinda ruining the guessing game, really.

    Andersen Vega: "You guessed wrong. I'm not at Precision right now, and I'm not even at 2KCW. I'm at the only other remotely relevant wrestling promotion it the world... Except that 2KCW ain't apart of that relevant list, but anyway, as I was saying. I'm at IWT! That's right! IWT! The 2nd most popular wrestling promotion in the world!... Number one being Precision, obviously. So yeah, I got bored sitting on my couch and so I decided to get out and go to a show, and since IWT is the only top company still going this time of year, here I am. Pretty much, I'm gonna watch the show and afterwards, I'll just give my views and what have you... So, using the magic of editing, I'm gonna fast-forward time to after the show, and then I'll tell you what I thought... See ya in Three... Two... One...

    As Vega says "one", the video cuts to another hallway, where Vega is walking with the cameraman following suit (Btw, yes, this is the cameraman that Vega took from Reagmaster).

    Andersen Vega: "So... I'm actually surprised because the show wasn't half bad! Still a little weird, ya know, men fighting women, but hey, the men here are all pussies so I guess it balances out. The roster is like one massive Divas Division, except that ninety percent of them have dicks. But, nonetheless, they can put on a damn good show! Mad props to those gir...

    As Vega is looking at the camera, chatting to his fans, he literally walks right into a familiar face to IWT fans. Vega staggers back a step or two, having hit his chin on this particular individual's forehead. Vega grabs his chin and rubs it.

    Andersen Vega: "God damn that hurt! Watch where you're go... Woahohohoholy shit that's a hot pair of tatty-bo-jangles!"

    The camera turns to reveal IWT's undefeated "Empress Of Fear" (Great! More royalty!) Ivy Hale, standing in-front of Andersen Vega, completely unfazed at the fact that he had just chinned her forehead. She is in her ring gear, seemingly having had a match earlier in the night.

    Andersen Vega: "Soooooooo... How you doin'?"

    Vega maybe trying a little to hard to be cool right now, and Ivy is far from impressed. She rolls her eyes as she speaks.

    Ivy Hale: "Excuse me? Who in the world do you think you are?!"

    Andersen Vega: "Wait... You don't recognise me?"

    Miss Hale just stares blankly at Vega.

    Andersen Vega: "Andersen Vega? Precision World Heavyweight Champion? "King Of The World"? Name's ringing any bells here?"

    Despite his very clear attempts to "woo" her, it is getting him nowhere. The #1 contender to the IWT Universal Championship just turns her head away, looking very disinterested in this conversation.

    Ivy Hale: "Haven't heard anything of an "Andersen Vega" or a "Precision." I only pay attention to things that are worth-while."

    Vega, being a proud man, has taken offence to Ivy's rather disrespectful comments... And when Vega gets disrespected, he can be rather disrespectful himself... Observe!

    Andersen Vega: "Excuse me!? Are you saying that the most popular Wrestling Promotion in the World is not worth while?..."

    Ivy, still looking rather disinterested, doesn't respond to Vega's outrage at her comments.

    Andersen Vega: "Okay, listen here you B-Show miscreant, slag..."

    Well, that's obviously gotten Ivy's attention as she looks dead at Vega, looking rather pissed. She has an evil stare that can only be described as a possessed teenage girl on her period, and that stare gives Vega an uneasy feeling... Nonetheless, he called her a slag and is still breathing, so what's the worst that could happen?

    Andersen Vega: "Oh, got your attention now, don't I, huh? So, why don't you go ahead and take your bleeding vagina stare and your hooker ring gear and get the fuck out of my way, because I don't know if you've noticed the cameraman here but I'm trying to make a video here and you're kind of stopping me from doing that, right now... And please don't make me hit a woman."

    Ivy Hale: "Well, Mr. Vega. First of all, I don't care who you are, I can crush anyone man or woman. It doesn't matter to me if you're a champion of a promotion, to me Championships are symbols of phony dreams. *snickers* It doesn't even matter what promotion you're part of because I don't even care for IWT. But you should know who you're talking too. I'm Ivy Hale, the Empress of Fear. I'm not some slut like you're treating me. If you want one of them, go find this new girl all the people back here are gawking over. But attitudes like yours make me sick."

    Andersen Vega gives a great big gulp as Ivy continues, pacing around him and staring a hole in his soul.

    Ivy Hale: "I, Ivy Hale, am not a girl you'd want to ruffle the feathers of. Because my life has been nothing but hell and it has turned me into a girl who has grown cold to the world. Unamused by dreams, indifferent to recognition, numb to fear, vengeful against the world that made me who I am and defies what I stand for. I've already took down three, and more are to come. Like you, Vega remind me a lot of a man I already crushed. He was vulgar, sick, primitive, and arrogant. I crushed him and he hasn't been the same since. He was so confident and even now he fakes it, but he knows that I put fear in him. So heed my words. If you ever try something with me, you're going to learn exactly what happened to that man, because you shouldn't need to worry about hitting a girl with me..."

    Her pacing stops directly in front of him. She fakes a smile and cheerfulness which makes him more uneasy.

    Ivy Hale: "Understand?"

    Well, Vega's trousers just turned a light shade of brown...

    Andersen Vega: "Uh... Um... Well. Actually, um... N... Um, yes. I think I got most of whatever the fuck that was. Um... Permission to leave, please, my dominatrix?"

    Turns out that Vega's a disrespectful prick even when he's crapping his pants. Vega uneasily awaits to see if she kills him or lets him leave on his own power... The dominatrix comment clearly drives her over the edge as she grabs him by his shirt and pushes him against the wall, catching him off-guard. Looks as though she is ready to give him a serious beating, and not a kind the sick freak he is would like. But thankfully, the commotion draws the attention of near by backstage IWT officials as they quickly rush and separate the IWT's Empress from Precision's World Champion. One of the security guards, an older man looking to be in his mid-40's stands between them.

    Security Guard: "Ok, who let this guy get backstage? Ivy, just leave us take care of him."

    She shoots the security guard a dirty look and he stutters.

    Security Guard: "Uhh... We'll make sure this guy never comes back. Just let us do our job."

    Ivy looks at Vega, then the guard, and back at Vega before smirking and walking away from the scene, clearly satisfied with the result. The two other officials start to take Vega away as the older guard follows.

    Andersen Vega: "What? You can't take me away! Do you know who I am?! I'll have my lawyers contact you and you'll all be..."

    Security Guard: "I know who you are. I watched TWF and Precision, I know you're Andersen Vega. But do you have a death warrant or something? Do you realize you were hitting on Ivy Hale of all people?"

    Andersen Vega: "I thought she was just a goth chick or something..."

    Security Guard: "Well that "chick" is the number one contender for the IWT Universal title and she is about as insane as they come. Considering her last match she choked a guy out who is over half a foot taller than her, you don't want to upset her because striking out with her is the equilavent of being sent on death row. So how about this? Don't come back, stick to your Precision place, and don't piss off anyone else, got it?"

    Andersen Vega: "Don't got it... I'm very forgetful you see, and I sleep walk. What if I develop amnesia or something and I turn up here?"

    Security Guard: "Then I'll remind you and then throw you out."

    Andersen Vega: "You? Throw me? Ha! You've got no chan..."

    The guards take him out the back door and throw him to the ground as Andersen Vega is left outside, as a thunder clap is heard and it starts to begin to rain. The camera man walks out of the door and into the rain, pointing the camera at Vega. The Precision World Champion looks at the camera and speaks.

    Andersen Vega: "Well... This has been Episode 2 of "The Champ's Thoughts" and again, the show was good. That Ivy chick was hot as all hell but she has the breath smell of a sewer rat. Remember, don't subscribe. And FFS, don't hit on Ivy Hale... She's mine!"

    Vega smirks at the camera and wink as the video ends.

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