The Changes Will Be Made

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. KRD
    A Legend fell to Lethal. The most dominant ROH Champion in history fell to Jay Briscoe... The Kingdom fell to the Dragon... Interesting.

    In order to bring out competition a change is needed to make those athletes channel another level of drive. Ring of Honor suffers from predictability. Champions who remain dominant need to be challenged. There will be a unpredictability. Towing the line seems like a popular consensus that has weakened wrestlers. There will be a change. There will be a rise. Ring of Honor was meant to be the BEST professional wrestlers in the world. Not the NICEST. Not the FRIENDLIEST. THE BEST.

    We have seen first hand what there is to offer and what there is to do. It has all been designed in a way that culminates very soon. We will make the change needed.


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