The Chris Hero return tour

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. A little thread to discuss Chris Hero's return to the indys. Not to be confused with the one about him being fired. This one is more to discuss where you want him to go now on the indys and where he ends up.

    He's already signed up for PWG's next show as well as a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show coming. I can also see him making a ROH return, I just hope he is motivated. I'd also be up for him going to Japan. Noah would love to have him back.
  2. You can see just about everyone wants him to wrestle for them: PWS, PWG, probably ROH, NOAH.... He'll have no problem getting booked on the indy scene, zero problem.
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  3. Yup. A one year run in the WWE system plus his already established indy track record will sell him easily to just about any promotion. Well except Chikara, apparently he got kicked out for being a dick.
  4. I just want him to enjoy what he's doing.
  5. Fat hero is coMing back? I hope he gets headbutted in the balls from a neckbreaker again.
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  6. I'd love to see Hero take on Adam Cole for the PWG Title.
  7. Lemme get Cole vs Gargano in piece at All Star weekend and Ill join you in marking for Cole vs Hero.
  8. Read PWG's twitter. :emoji_wink:

    He's wrestling at the next IWA-MS show, might attend just to see him, Hero and Ricochet.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. On one hand I am happy to see Hero coming back with a bang.
    On the other I am sad to see him getting a shot before my boy Johnny G
  11. Holy shit.
  12. Great stuff from PWG, always.
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    Hero is signed on for DGUSA's Freedom Fight event on Sunday. Facing either Johnny Gargano (the DGUSA champ) or Trent? Gabe has also been interested to pit chris vs Ricochet according to twittah but Ricochet is in the middle of a feud with Nese so that's just a maybe.

    Edit: Hero vs Gargano is now signed.
  14. The tour goes on! Hero vs Gulak for the CZW championship at Cage of Death.
    Hero challenging for 3 of the 4 major titles in less than a month. Probably ruzzling some Jimmies along the way.
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  15. Lol, definitely rustling some jimmies. Put myself on Twitter to book Gulak vs. Hero for DGUSA, CZW is aight though.
  16. I'm guessing Hero will win at least one of those titles, Would most likely see him winning the CZW one cause Cole is doing Mount Rushmore and I haven't seen DGUSA so I don't know about that.
  17. All three titles are locked into big angles. PWG with Mount Rushmore, CZW with the campaign for a better CZW (plus Gulak getting a major push) and Gargano being the longest running DGUSA champ in history with about 600 days with the belt and a focal point of the entire DGUSA build up. I don't see Chris winning either title because there is also no telling how long he will be around. TNA could pick him up, Japan could pick him up, Mexico could pick him up or WWE could take him back for all we know.
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  18. He claims he left on good terms so that is a good sign, Would like to see him in Japan.
  19. You can, he did a couple of tours with NOAH and trained in their dojo. Stuffs up on youtube.
  20. I'm thinking if ROH is/was to bring him back, it'll be at Final Battle or start the hype at final battle..
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