The Christmas Discussion Thread - 2014

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. Yeah that's right I said Christmas. This is not the "holidays" thread. You can take that PC crap and shove it.

    That doesn't mean I'm against anyone sharing about their chosen way to celebrate this time of year if they would like to though. Just putting that out there.

    So yeah, I made this thread for everyone to discuss how their Christmas (or other celebrated holiday) went this year. What did you get for other people? What did you get for gifts? Any funny stories or anecdotes you want to share?

    I can start - although if I listed everything I got for my kids this year it would be a major TLDR moment so I'll just go with the big Santa gifts. Got my son a huge Hot Wheels race track set and my daughter will get one of those pull string Woody dolls with a stuffed Bullseye for him to ride. Should be an interesting Christmas morning this year.
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  2. Merry Christmas

    Don't like it you can shove it up yer arse!

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  3. For those who missed my status, I am going to be an elf helping Santa out for 8 hours. Woo! @Majour is wanting a picture of the Elf Butters and i may just do that!

    Merry X-Mas!!!
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  4. I want to see also :obama:
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  6. Merry Christmas to one and all...
    I hope everyone here has a wonderful time with their families at this time of the year no matter what you celebrate, may the joy of the season shine bright with you all!

    I'm going to be going to the 1st Christmas at my brother's new home.. always an exciting thing celebrating in a new place.. and this is the first time he's owned a house worth living in. Unfortunately my sister lives in Georgia so she won't be with us.. but Mom and Dad will both be there. Should be a great time.

    My big gifts for my family...

    Got my brother a wireless camera security system for his new home and a few other things.
    My sister got a bunch of key rings (she collects them) and books from Amazon... her mailbox should be flooded by the time they are done being delivered.
    My brother in law gets a Wii-U system and a couple games.
    My mother gets a new laptop and 2 years antivirus software... every laptop she's owned has crashed from viruses.. trying to prevent that by first teaching her not to click on EVERYTHING and second by having the software to protect it.
    My father just moved into a new home after the passing of his wife so I got him a sectional sofa with reclining chairs in each end... can't wait to go to his house now and watch the Super Bowl while kicked back lol
    Bought my sister in law a massage chair... growing up with my brother I know what she is putting up with so I figure she needs it.
    Bought myself a few blu rays (GoTG, TMNT, Hunger Games: CF)
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  7. Man you are awesome at picking gifts haha
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  8. My parents bought me a iMac 27 inch and a 40 LED- TV Samsung for last Christmas. Pretty dope. Tbh, It really doesn't matter what I'll get for this Christmas. I am thankful for everything I have.

    This Christmas:
    I bought an iPad Mini and other stuff to my little sister. Also, I've bought a few things for my lovely parents.

    We celebrate Christmas on December 24th here in Sweden.
  9. Christmas Day I'll be on a flight to Vegas (again) so, so excited about going to UFC 182 and generally having a blast.
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  10. Mind if I ask why? Does it have to do with time zones or something?
  11. probably easy to pick gifts when you are apparently rich as fuck

    jesus, I couldn't afford to buy even one of those gifts for someone lol
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  12. Me and my family drew names so we only get one gift for everyone
  13. Nothing wrong with that
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  14. "In the United States celebrate Christmas on 25th December."

    I might be wrong, well I don't know lol.
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  15. O I kno but we didn't want to draw names but my grandma did it anyway
  16. Yeah, thats true. Just wondering why it was on the 24th in Sweden. Maybe @Stopspot knows?
  18. I need to find something for my sister any idea's
  19. The decision to celebrate the birth of Christ on the 25th instead of the 24th was taken by the church back in 300 AD. The Scandinavic and Northern European countries said "fuck that, we have a good thing going that also fits in with our old pre-Christ traditions" and stuck to the old school method.

    The move to the 25th was a result of the religious upheaval that was happening in the Christian community at the time. But the northern countries already had well established pagan traditions that fit in with the 24th so we decided to stick to that.
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  20. :obama: Thanks
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