The Claire Lynch storyline and its impact on AJ Styles

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Put away your rotten fruit and your pitchforks and listen to me. This stems from a discussion between me and seabs on if this topic was relevant and needed. Would the current AJ Styles storyline have as much impact and momentum as it is currently having, without the Claire Lynch story?

    Look at where AJ is in "life" now. He is a man who has hit rock bottom. His fans and world has turned against him. Him, the guy who has always stood up for them, defended them at every turn and carried the company on his back. He's a broken shell of a man only concerned with his own personal comeuppance. He has thrown his family and friends to the side and become a destroyed soul. Could he be in this place to give the current story the emotional fuel that drives it without the Claire story? I say no. The story with Claire Lynch was the dagger in the heart of AJ. It tore him down, dragged his name and on screen reputation through the mud and started him on a downward spiral that took away any title shots until BFG and ruined him professionally and personally. The story might not have been the best (in large part due to the woman playing Claire) but it sure as hell got its job done. So in a sense, without Claire we would not have the AJ we are seeing today.

    Do you think the Claire Lynch storyline was necessary? Or do you think AJ still could have become the man he is now?

    How would you have booked that then?
  2. This thread format has just gotten stale. :sonnen:

    Anyway, don't remind us of this crap, please. And impact on Styles? Future will tell.
  3. This adds to the discussion how?

    It sure as hell had an impact on Styles. Claire Lynche and Bad Influence is the reason AJ is the way he is now. Doesn't take a genius to see that.
  4. It was needed, face AJ was always morally right that being questioned was the stepping stone for him to break free of that. You can't rebuild until you put together the foundations.

    Also this thread format > :Steiner:
  5. Alright boy :mad2:

    Of course it had a major impact on Styles, it's logical. I do think something like this was needed for this sotry to be good like this, but a lolwut actor like Claire for sure as hell wasn't needed, lol.
  6. So no one who can see any other way that AJ could have reached the level of low he needed to get to start his current gimmick?
  7. I think they could've go the AJ Styles loses every BFG series match route because he's had enough and don't know what got into him, he became mentally broken or something.
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  8. Stopspot's right, the Claire Lynch thing clearly had a positive impact on this angle... so did James Storm winning the title shot at Turning Point, and so did all 2,891 Styles vs Daniels matches. All this shit, all the stuff the fans pissed all over, all this stuff we thought hurt the product and arguably hurt Storm beyond repair, really helped this angle out. Looking back on it, seems like they had it all planned out from the start even if they didn't.

    They're playing up Styles as someone stuck in a rut, because he is. They say his career's at rock bottom, because it is. They're saying his morality has been tested, because it has been. Claire was a big part of all of this.

    Also love the timing, wonder if they watched Extreme Rules and said to themselves "Holy shit, WWE's about to try a Cena Road to Redemption storyline and completely fuck it up, hey why don't we try the same thing with AJ Styles and execute it damn near to perfection"?
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  9. This is TNA, they'll probably have him job at BFG before winning on Impact the next thursday. Sadly the tend to build us up then knock us down a few times still.
  10. I shit you if that happens.:neymar2:
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