Rumor The Cleaner is Ready to (Royal) Rumble?

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    As of today, Kenny Omega has officially announced his departure from New Japan. After winning every title in New Japan except for the NEVER openweight (and Heavyweight Tag Titles), Kenny is at a crossroads in his career and he stated two options. One of which is the new AEW with his friends from the Elite, and the other, WWE. There is a chance Kenny Omega will go to the biggest game in town. It seems 50/50 at this point, with one promotion being with his friends, will likely have more freedom and has a chance to start something new, but the other has a ready roster of potential dream matches, including a ready-made feud against AJ Styles, along with the potential of getting a healthy payday. Considering all of that, if he were to make the jump to WWE, a likely jumping off point would be in Pheonix.

    What do you personally think of the chances of Kenny Omega making his WWE debut in the Royal Rumble match or even at the show itself? It is likely he will skip NXT and considering the paralells between him and AJ, it would be thematic if Kenny did a similar debut as the now former WWE Champion.

    So, do you think Omega will sign with WWE? Would he debut in the Royal Rumble match? Do you want it to happen? Yano Shrug

    That is up to you.
  2. I think it would be awesome, kinda like when AJ entered the Royal Rumble in 2016.
  3. Kenny goes to WWE, say goodbye to a good wrestler.
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  4. He should debut at the rumble and be number 1. He should last all the way till the end and be eliminate by Seth Rollins
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    Wait what about AEW??
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  6. No, AJ is in WWE for awhile and still a great wrestler, one of the best ever.
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  7. AJ was gonna be a star in WWE anyways, but with Kenny they change his finsher and make him less charasmatic.
  8. Even, If that does happen it won't change the fact he is a great wrestler.
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  9. With the kind of money they are promising him to get their hands on him, I can't imagine WWE making him less "charismatic" or ruining him.
  10. Eh, I will agree to disagree.
  11. I said in the original post that it is the other option and both are likely tbh. Reports say that WWE is going hardcore to get Kenny and with him being 34, he isn't getting younger and considering that Roman is out sick and they need star power, they may push him hard. But AEW is a likely scenerio also.
  12. He can't appear in the Rumble.. his contract runs through January.. I'm betting he joins his friends in AEW anyway.
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  13. You make a good point, I also think he will stay with his buddies and also he is young he can make the jump to WWE later.
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  14. That's true but one of his main goals is to wrestle AJ at WrestleMania and AJ is not getting any younger.. He could be retired in a year or 2.
  15. Yeah he should be loyal to he's friends. AEW seems too much of a prosperous opportunity.
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  16. True, I don't think he will retire under 2 years tho, but we never know...
  17. Most fans don't know who Omega is accept by name. Knowing wwe they probably debut him not knowing he's character.

    Nothing worse then being a casual wwe fan and thinking who the fuck is this guy?

    You gotta introduce these indy guys properly so the bloody casual fans know what they are all about.
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  18. Yeah that's another good point, as great as Kenny Omega is, he doesn't have the AJ Styles credentials that AJ had when he made his debut during the Royal Rumble.
  19. Its quite remarkable that AJ had so much success so quick. So maybe Kenny will work.
  20. Well AJ was on TV for so many years in TNA and NJPW afterward, he was already a superstar, with Kenny I think it's different because now with the internet lots of people know about him more than you might think. He would probably get a good pop as a Royal Rumble entrant.