Battleground The Club vs. The Usos... WHY?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jun 27, 2016.

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  1. I read that this is a rumored match. I do not see the point of having the Club go against the Usos. Last I checked the Usos are just jobbers and why do we need jobber filler matches at a PPV? I know this is not a big one but come on. I feel like they waste time doing matches like this. This is not set in stone yet but it would not surprise me if it happened because #WWELogic

    There are quite a few reasons I don't watch wwe like I used to and one of them is this. Useless booking.
  2. Because fuck you, that's why. :pipebomb:

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  3. Because Usos are a tag team favorite. When we say UCE you say O!


    ~ crickets
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  4. Yeah, I wouldn't have any interest in seeing that match.
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  5. The lack of Usos on my TV is satisfying. Hopefully they'll fuck off into oblivion after the match at Battleground (if it happens at all).
  6. The Club has become a jobber team too. I'm really getting sick of the tag team division. It's only focus is New Day and all the other teams are basically worthless
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  7. They're both lame. :shrug:
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  8. I am not too surprised that the Club has been relegated to a jobber team as well. JBL constantly has to point out how they "dominated the tag team scene in Japan for years." As is often the case with WWE, they like to show that wrestlers and teams that were successful in other promotions can't cut it in the WWE as easily. As soon as JBL began saying that, I pretty much knew this would happen.

    That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Usos win this match. But I really couldn't care less who does.
  9. Not interested in the match. If the Club isn't going to win the titles, it's better off having them as a secondary tag team feud. WWE puts guys that have a lot of steam into big matches, and they're not going to win and they lose their steam. The Club is still over with me, but I think they should be out of the tag team title picture if they're not going to win them.
  10. At least its a guaranteed win for the Club. A team that should be much more dominant.
  11. Thought the Magic Killer was ultra legitimized at MITB though. It laid out Aiden English for like a 30 count while someone missed their cue and Gallows was stuck in a Finish Him pose, then it pinned Cena later on... Outside of the lolwwe of Cena trucking the hell out of Anderson they've been okay recently booking-wise
  12. The Club needs something to do so book them against The Usos.. Have a better idea?... The New Day is currently tied up with The Wyatt's, so the tag titles are out of the question right now.. and they need a babyface team to work with, i'm fine with the idea.