The CM Punk era continues!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. The CM Punk era continues!!!!!!!! hes beat Jericho again last night how many times is that now. Seriously CM Punk is the main man now forget John Cena. CM Punk dominates the main event scene azs WWE champion
  2. Yes. unfortunately. [​IMG]
  3. Cena Main evented WM and ER, he's still the man. Brock will be until he gets back as the main focus of the show. Punk just doesn't draw sadly.




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  5. The rating disagree Randy, they had him as a major focus at the turn of the year and the numbers were terrible, even by the low standards.
  6. Punk draws but not on the level that he sells out events. Until he does that Cena and Brock will continue too be "the guys".
  7. HELL NO! That drop last year b/c of Monday Night USA NFL Football THAT WHY THE RAING DROP! My USA people are gonig to watch USA most watch/best sport then watch wrestling!

  8. CM Punk draws loads plus his merchandise sells out like crazy. CM Punk is the main man thats why hes still WWE champion
  9. Re: RE: The CM Punk era continues!!!!!!!!

    Summerslam had a horrible buy rate as were most Raws when Punk was the focus on post MITB. His current form isn't a draw its why he's in the mid card with the belt. He sells merch but his segments bombed when he wrestled on TV during this time. He could have been a draw but isn't also Brocklesnarfan across the board Punk isn't selling Cena numbers.

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  10. How bad are/were CM Punk's numbers compared to anyone else in the ratings? I'm not saying he's a huge draw or anything, but I do notice he is hugely over with the crowds.
  11. Re: RE: The CM Punk era continues!!!!!!!!

    From what I remember they were down on the averages when ever he wrestled.

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  12. Randy, Punk is a terrible draw unfortunately. I'm a mark for the guy, but he seriously doesn't draw.
  13. I like Punk. But he doesn't draw for some reason. He is over though.
  14. The CM Punk reign fucking blows
  15. I don't know how much I buy the ratings argument.

    Wrestling, like so much in life, is cyclical. Sometimes, fans watch; other times, fans don't. The "watch every week, in and out" crowd (i.e. us) are a rarity. Punk became champion at a funny time, when the ratings were dropping, and then they screwed up his storyline with HHH (huge mistakes by Creative). The real story is that Creative has put together some decent shows recently and there have been a number of positive storylines since January, which means that, right now, Punk is Champ and ratings are decent (although probably down since Mania, as they usually are; I don't really keep track, because ratings aren't important to my enjoyment of the show like they used to be).

    All of this means a few things: 1) you can't blame one guy for ratings, buys, etc.; 2) Punk is hugely over with the live crowds, which makes it look like he is over to casual fans watching the show, which means the casuals will buy into (in fact, they are already buying into) the CM Punk character; 3) Punk has been involved in one of three storylines (along with Cena-Rock-Brock and Daniel Bryan saying "YES!" a lot) that have been part of the draw of the show over the last few weeks.

    You guys might not feel like Punk's a draw. I'm pretty sure WWE doesn't agree with you. And Punk-Bryan will be a hell of a match, but it will probably go on next-to-last-ish, rather than being the main event, which will be (sadly) the in-ring return of Johnny Ace (I just hope he brings his skateboard).

  16. It's sad to think that Bryan vs Punk WILL happen before Cena and Ace's match.
  17. Uh CM Punk matchest with Y2J was the 2nd last match night! WTF TALKING ABOUT? WRONG AGAIN! And MITB PPV WERE THE BEST OF 2011 that count WM27! Queit saying shit true! You know CM Punk is guy he won Superstar of the Year of 2011! You mad b/c CM punk is about like 1 or 2 month away from beating HHH record of holding the title for 208 days! Which is the longest HHH held the WWE Title in 1 reign as WWE Champion that was longest in 2008! And CM Punk going to beat it!

  18. It's not a debate, Punk isn't a sole draw, check the ratings. Sure, ratings increase when the whole show is better, but bit-by-bit ratings tell you how many visitors came/left for Punk's segment/match. It's either a really small amount of people viewing it when it should be higher (for main events) or it's a loss, Punk isn't a draw with casuals, it ends there. Cena's segments regularly draw 300-500k people, sometimes a lot more. Miz drew quite a bit too, Henry drew like a boss.
  19. OH HELL NO! Everyone hate the Miz and Henry? And if WWE let CM Punk talk on the mic more and drop Pipe Bomb the rating would be up more! CM PUNK IS THE BEST IN THE END OF STORY CASE CLOSED!

  20. I remember when ratings fell after Orton's WHC win and after Henry won it, everyone thought that the ratings were going to fall even more. They rose. :haha:

    Henry's a boss indeed.
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