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    Colt Cabana shocked the wrestling world at ROH’s Supercard of Honor X events recently in Dallas when he confronted and then competed against ROH World Champion Jay Lethal. It was the first time Cabana, once an ROH stalwart, had appeared in an ROH ring in nearly five years. This is the third and final installment of a series looking at Cabana’s unique and distinguished career.

    Colt Cabana has competed all over the world and won a multitude of regional and tag team championships. He’s also carved a niche for himself outside the ring with his popular podcast and endeavors in the world of comedy.

    However, there’s one glaring omission from Cabana’s impressive resume:

    ROH World Champion.

    He has challenged for the title on a number of occasions throughout his career and come close several times, including taking then-champion Bryan Danielson to a 60-minute draw in a two-out-of-three falls match in 2006.

    Despite being a 17-year veteran, Cabana is still in his prime and believes his time is now.

    That’s why he made his dramatic return to ROH two weeks ago during the first night of the Supercard of Honor X events in Dallas.

    After ROH World Champion Jay Lethal had made yet another successful title defense, he boasted that there was no one left for him to face.

    Like all of the fans in attendance, Lethal was shocked when Cabana showed up to take issue with the champion’s declaration.

    Cabana said that he had always been content with his place on the card and his role as the guy who entertained the fans and made them laugh during his time in ROH, but that’s not how he wants to be remembered.

    He talked about receiving phone calls over the years from ROH management asking him to return, but he always declined because he enjoyed the freedom of being his own boss.

    When Cabana got the call this time, however, he had a different response.

    “Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and know exactly what you want to be,” Cabana told Lethal. “I don’t want to be known as somebody’s friend.

    “When I look back at my career … I’ve been doing this a long time, and I won’t be able to live with myself unless I am able to wear [the ROH World Championship belt] around my waist. You say that there’s nobody left. Well now there is.”

    The next night, Lethal formally rejected Cabana’s challenge, opting to defend his title against Cheeseburger instead.

    After Lethal defeated his game but overmatched challenger, Cabana again confronted him.

    “Last night was not a publicity stunt,” Cabana said. “I am here in Ring of Honor because I want [the title].”

    Cabana managed to goad Lethal into accepting an impromptu match. He proceeded to stun Lethal, the crowd in Dallas and the entire wrestling world by pinning the champion.

    Unfortunately for Cabana, it was a non-title match, but now he doesn’t just think he can beat Lethal, he knows he can.

    Time will tell if Cabana is able to win the big one when the title is on the line, but this much is certain:

    Pro wrestling’s funny man is dead serious about redefining his legacy, and for Lethal, that’s no laughing matter.

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