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    Colt Cabana shocked the wrestling world at ROH’s Supercard of Honor X events in Dallas recently when he confronted and then competed against ROH World Champion Jay Lethal. It was the first time Cabana, once an ROH stalwart, had appeared in an ROH ring in nearly five years. This is the second installment of a three-part series looking at Cabana’s unique and distinguished career.

    After leaving ROH in the summer of 2011, Colt Cabana not only continued to make an impact in the pro wrestling business, but he also thrived in the Colt Cabana business.

    Fully embracing his status as an independent contractor, Cabana blazed a trail by creating and marketing his brand without the benefit of having a major wrestling company behind him.

    Cabana raised his profile through podcasting, social media, live comedy touring and working on numerous web comedy sketches.

    First and foremost, however, Cabana is a wrestler. Having been an ROH mainstay for nearly a decade, Cabana became one of the most sought-after competitors on the independent and international wrestling scene.

    As he did during his time in ROH, Cabana entertained fans by incorporating humor into his matches, but he also demonstrated that he can mat-wrestle and brawl with the best of them.

    Thanks to his versatile in-ring skills, Cabana was able to adapt to any style of wrestling and found success wherever he went. He got himself into great shape and won several regional championships, including titles in England, Scotland and Chile.

    Throughout 2012, Cabana and Adam Pearce engaged in a fierce rivalry over the NWA Title. Their best-of-seven series climaxed with Cabana winning the deciding match inside a steel cage in Melbourne, Australia.

    Also that year, Cabana teamed with former ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards in Pro Wrestling Noah’s Global Tag League tournament. The team of Cabana and Chris Hero, BIG IN THE USA participated in the tournament in 2014 and again in 2015, where they received the Outstanding Performance Award..

    Outside the ring, Cabana generated a buzz with his Art of Wrestling podcast.

    These days it seems like everyone in the wrestling industry has a podcast, but Cabana’s was one of the first and is among the most successful.

    He has done nearly 300 podcasts, and his guests have included the likes of CM Punk, Steve Austin, Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black, Roddy Piper, Bruno Sammartino and Mick Foley. The controversial Punk episode in 2014 has been listened to more than 3 million times.

    Cabana also branched out in the entertainment world by doing standup comedy. He has performed at the famed Second City venue in Chicago, as well as at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which takes place in Scotland and is the world’s largest arts festival.

    In addition, Cabana has appeared on comedian Marc Maron’s show, Maron, on IFC, and collaborated with comedian Marty DeRosa on several projects, including a web series titled
    Worst Promo Ever.

    As Cabana’s popularity grew, so did the demand for his merchandise. Cabana DVD’s, t-shirts, hats, photos, posters, keychains, headbands and buttons are all available for purchase on

    As he has done with every aspect of his career since becoming a free agent, Cabana took a do-it-yourself approach to selling his merchandise. He continues to package and ship every order himself and will autograph any item for no extra charge.

    “I’m my own everything," Cabana said in an interview with last year. “Agent, manager, booker, promoter, everything. I rush home from a tour of Japan to sit and fulfill orders. I've built this thing all up myself … and I feel like I'm earning every single dollar I make."

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