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    Colt Cabana shocked the wrestling word at ROH’s Supercard of Honor X events last weekend in Dallas when he confronted and then competed against ROH World Champion Jay Lethal. It was the first time Cabana, once an ROH stalwart, had appeared in an ROH ring in nearly five years. This is the first installment of a three-part series looking at Cabana’s unique and distinguished career.

    Colt Cabana was a fresh-faced, 22-year-old when he made his ROH debut in 2002.

    He made a strong first impression, defeating fellow Chicago native CM Punk. Several months later, Cabana, Punk and Ace Steel, the man who had trained both of them, joined forces to form The Second City Saints.

    Coming out to the ring to Barry Manilow’ cheesy classic “Copacabana,” Cabana entertained fans with his comedic antics, but he also displayed outstanding wrestling skills.

    The clean-cut, happy-go-lucky Cabana was a stark contrast to the tattooed, vitriolic Punk, but the odd couple had undeniable chemistry as a tag team.

    Cabana and Punk captured the ROH World Tag Team Title twice in 2004, taking the championship both times from The Briscoe Brothers (who would go on to become the most-decorated tag team in ROH history).

    Eventually, Cabana and Punk decided to pursue careers as singles wrestlers. In an example of things coming full circle, Cabana defeated his best friend Punk in a two-out-of-three falls encounter in 2005 in Punk’s final match in ROH.

    In addition to his win over Punk, who is a former ROH World Champion, Cabana also holds victories over former ROH World Champions Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Steen and Homicide.

    Cabana has challenged for the ROH World Title against the likes of Bryan Danielson (whom Cabana took to a 60-minute draw in a two-out-of three falls match in 2006), Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Davey Richards, James Gibson and Jerry Lynn, but the championship has thus far eluded him.

    In 2005 and 2006, Cabana proved that he could be more than a mat technician with a quirky sense of humor, as he engaged in a series of ultra-violent matches against the blood-thirsty Homicide.

    Homicide committed a number of heinous acts throughout the feud, including assaulting Cabana with various weapons, choking him with a coat hanger and even pouring drain-cleaning liquid down his throat.

    Cabana, however, showed his toughness by not only surviving the onslaught but ultimately prevailing over Homicide and earning his respect. After Cabana defeated him in a Chicago Street Fight, Homicide shook Cabana’s hand.

    Cabana and Homicide would actually team together in 2007, splitting a couple of matches against Adam Pearce and Brent Albright.

    In April 2007, Cabana ended his first stint in ROH by defeating Pearce in the main event of “Good Times, Great Memories,” a show named in Cabana’s honor that took place in his hometown of Chicago.

    During his time in ROH, Cabana also wrestled around the globe for promotions in Europe, Japan and Mexico. He made an especially big impact in England.

    Cabana made his return to ROH in 2009, teaming with Danielson to defeat The Embassy (Bison Smith and Jimmy Rave) at ROH’s 7th Anniversary Show.

    From 2009 to 2011, Cabana continued to be a contender in the singles ranks, and he also formed a successful tag team with El Generico.

    Cabana and Generico had a fierce rivalry with Kevin Steen and Steve Corino that came to a dramatic conclusion at Glory By Honor IX in September 2010, when Cabana and Generico won a double chain match. The following month, Cabana beat Corino in an I Quit Match.

    Cabana departed ROH during the latter part of 2011.

    Part 2 of The Colt Cabana Chronicles will look at Cabana's career after leaving ROH. Part 3 will focus on Cabana's return.

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