The Complex History of WWE's Era of Unification

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  1. The Complex History of WWE's Era of Unification

    Following WWE's acquisition of WCW in 2001, there was an influx of championships from the Atlanta-based organization. Over the following two years, WWE’s title scene went through more changes than it ever had in the company’s history. In total, seven championships were retired, two were reinstated and two were created completely from scratch.

    If you were a WWE fan during this “Era of Unification,” you might recall some of the convoluted events that brought these titles together and then tore them apart. Still, the WWE Classics team spent weeks attempting to untangle the complex history of this landmark period. By the time we were done with our research, our heads were spinning and our eyes were glazed over from pouring through Titan Towers’ record books. Thankfully, we think we finally have this highly complicated age in sports-entertainment history figured out.



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